The Art Of La Dolce Vita: Embrace Pleasure The Italian Way
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The Art Of La Dolce Vita: Embrace Pleasure The Italian Way

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La Dolce Vita, or the sweet life, has become synonymous with the Italian lifestyle. Italianize yourself with our guide to pure bliss.

La Dolce Vita,. is a unique recipe for life that locals have been perfecting for centuries. Italians seem to know how to magically relish the simple, understated joys of life and make time to do nothing but stroll, discover, lounge, chat, and enjoy. Italianize yourself with our guide to pure bliss.

The Bar Giamaica in Milan, Italy, ca 1950

Dolce Fare Niente

Make time to do nothing at all. Find a café. Sit. Pause. Take a deep breath and embrace the moment. You will discover that immensely beneficial feeling of doing nothing and embracing all that life should be.

The sweet life is not just the pleasure of the senses but a philosophy of taking every hour of the day and savouring it. Slowing down and practising mindfulness provides a boost of happiness in the form of serotonin in the brain. Essential in a fast-paced world.

Three men sitting outside a cafe in San Gimignano, Italy | Image by Thurston Hopkins

Appreciate the little things

Italians have mastered the art of embracing beauty in the every day — this doesn’t mean indulging in luxury or frivolously wasting time. Instead, it means appreciating the simple pleasures of life, the shared moments, the plum-hued wine that glistens in the Mediterranean sunlight, the way the light hits a bridge at dusk to the sound of church bells as you wander around the town.

Embrace La Bella Figura 

La Bella Figura translates to The Beautiful Figure, which summarises the idea of always putting your best foot forward in how you dress & present yourself. Making a good impression is an integral part of Italian culture. Italians have a fierce appetite for the finer things in life — they dress to impress and look for aesthetics in every aspect of their lives. In Italy, style is more than just looking the part — you must live and breathe it. Fine fabrics and tailoring, worn with an air of refinement and sophistication, are a source of class and enjoyment to yourself and others.

Film star Britt Ekland in Porto Ercole, Italy | Image by Slim Aarons

Spread Amore

The perfect way to appreciate La Dolce Vita is with someone you treasure: family, friends, or a lover. Share happiness with another human being and endeavour to make the most of the moment, the food, wine and the experience of living. The Italian ideology resonates with a moment being beautiful only if you can share it with somebody.

Dining al fresco on a terrace overlooking the waters off the coast of the island of Capri, Italy, ca 1980s | Image by Slim Aarons

Take a nap

In Italy, especially in the south, Il Riposino is that beautiful time after lunch when you rest. An hour is enough to let you recharge your spirit and be able to take on the rest of your day.

Marina Rava, right, and Carla Vuccino, left, catch some rays on the stern of a sleek runabout in Capri, Italy, ca 1958 | Image by Slim Aarons

Master the art of Aperitivo

A more sophisticated version of Happy Hour, focusing on socializing and rejuvenating — an aperitif will change your life. Aperitivo hour isn’t just about what’s in your glass, it’s a tradition that embodies the spirit of the sweet life. Order a Negroni, Aperol spritz, or a glass of Rosé and watch as the world goes by.

Aperitivo in Capri, Italy, ca 1949 | Image by Ralph Crane

Lead an evening Passeggiata

The Italian tradition of Passeggiata is a gentle and blissful stroll through the city’s main streets. The customary evening promenade is a daily ritual to relax and walk through the pedestrian streets, greeting friends, window shopping or wandering aimlessly to unwind and digest the events of the day.

Walk to the sea in Genova Nervi, Italy.

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