Boxing Day for The Upper Classes
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Boxing Day for The Upper Classes

December 26, 2021 Share

Boxing Day dates back to the 17th century when wealthy landowners would box up gifts to present to their loyal staff as a sign of their gratitude. Fast forward a few centuries, and it is still filled with customs, albeit slightly different.

Be it slipping into your waxed Barbour for a lengthy walk to battle any impacts of the endless helpings of Turkey at luncheon the day before; sliding into the saddle with a drink of port; or heading to a private island after a long journey in your private jet, the upper classes know how to get through any post-Christmas blues. However, as nice as a Boxing Day walk sounds, our advice would always be to go away.


Certainly don’t bother making yourself a breakfast because we’re sure you don’t have much time before jetting off. You may either grab freshly made pastries from the closest artisan bakery or have Cook prepare a large breakfast for you before your trip.

So, where are you off to?

Well, the world isn’t quite your oyster at the moment, considering pandemic-related restrictions but you’ve certainly got options. The real question is, winter sun or snow?

If it’s winter sun you’re in search of after a rather stressful year, take inspiration from the Marchioness of Bath, who jets to Mustique, her close friend Lady Kitty Spencer, who can be found in South Africa, and Ayesha Shand, who visits the nature reserve Cultimaxa in Mexico. 


Still yearning for a taste of British tradition while travelling? Set up a UK-inspired Boxing Day tablescape, à la India Hicks in the Bahamas, complete with tartan, pine cones, and red-ribboned crackers.

India Hicks’ Boxing Day table in the Bahamas 

For some, Christmas is not complete without a dusting of snow, oozing fondue beside the slopes, or dancing on the tables at après.

Verbier, Switzerland

Talita von Furstenberg can be found riding in the back of a husky sleigh through the mountains in Aspen, Eugenie Niarchos can be found eating dinner in her family’s chalet in St Moritz followed by fireworks on Boxing Day, or skincare guru Barbara Sturm‘s daughter, Charly, can be found on the slopes in Gstaad with a mulled wine in her hand.

Whatever you do this Boxing Day – or more appropriate is probably wherever you end up – make sure it exudes luxury and relaxation. We’re sure you’ll need that after being waited on hand and foot over Christmas!


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