Solardo and E11EVN Team Up To Release ‘So Far So Good’
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Solardo and E11EVN Team Up To Release ‘So Far So Good’

May 9, 2022 Share

DJ duo Solardo has teamed up with fellow Mancunian E11EVN to release their new track ‘So Far So Good’ on May 9.

“The track emerges from a galloping rhythmic introduction to slowly reveal layers of atmospheric beauty, from cooed vocal samples to rousing synth swells. The lead synth arpeggio drops in for the first breakdown, its shimmering, succinct riff recalling classic ‘80s electronica before the brooding low end pummels the track into overdrive.

“A head-spinning, dreamy breakdown pulses and swirls deliciously before we’re sucked back into the anthemic arrangement,” the group says of the track.

In other words, the track is a banger.

Solardo, both of the duo shown on three tv screens each next to each other.
Solardo, the Mancurian duo known for their trailblazing dance music. Courtesy of Solardo.

Solardo is known for its trailblazing in the House and Techno scenes. The Mancurian duo got their start with releases on Viva, Repopulate Mars, Relief and Hot Creations, the last of which propelled them to number one on Beatport with their hit ‘Tribesman’.

They have worked to release tracks on the cutting edge of House Music with artists including Eli Brown on their track ‘XTC’. Other releases include ‘Move Your Body’ with Marshall Jefferson, ‘Tear It Up’ with Paul Woolford, and ‘Roller Coaster’ with Calvin Harris aka Love Regenerator. 

Solardo standing in front of a wall made of TV screens bathed in yellow.
Courtesy of Solardo.

But the collabs don’t stop there. Solardo has worked with or is working with big names like David Guetta, Tiësto, Camelphat, FJAAK, and Marco Carola. On top of that, the group owns three labels and the HIGHER festival in Croatia.

Sticking to their roots, the duo continue to perform and has a residency planned for the summer at Ushuaia in Ibiza.

Courtesy of Solardo.

Meanwhile, co-collaborator E11EVN came up through the club scene and quickly found himself touring popular spots around the UK. Connecting with House heavy hitters like Solardo, Skream, Camelphat, George Smeddles and Max Chapman, E11EVN naturally progressed from the club to the studio.

Signed with Sola, one of Solardo’s labels, E11EVN looks set to take the club scene by storm — he is definitely a man to keep an eye on.

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