The Skateroom is leading ‘Art For Social Impact’ into a new direction
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The Skateroom is leading ‘Art For Social Impact’ into a new direction

June 9, 2022 Share

Artists have been coming together to bring an extraordinary concept, Art On Skateboards. The Skateroom is donating to organisations to help disadvantaged kids through the sale of every board, and continues to do brilliant work.

You can now buy exclusive wall-hung art on skateboards from famous creators and help poorer children and the setting up of skate parks at the same time.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s an extremely worthy concept. In a nutshell The Skateroom’s message is Art, Skate and Social Change. Take a look at some of the amazing art editions here.

Some of Herrendorf Interior Design’s Warhol collection

The new economic model is helping tremendously in turning “consumers into active contributors in socially engaged projects”.

The Skateroom’s manifesto has an extremely bright take on consumerism. It says, “We make a commitment to the organisations we sponsor. At least 10% of all revenue at The Skateroom goes directly to creating social change.”

Photo courtesy of Opumo

“We help empower youth around the world, build new skateparks and develop education facilities & resource programs. By buying limited editions from The Skateroom, our collectors and community have a direct role in creating lasting social change.”

Since 2014 The Skateroom has generated over $1000,000 (£800,000) across 30 projects and good causes. Sponsored organisations include, Concrete Jungle Foundation (which built a skatepark for at-risk youth close to Marrakech in Morocco).

MoMa Design Store New York

Wonders Around The World, a skatepark for underprivileged youth in Mazunte, Mexico is another extremely worthy cause. Skateistan has built its fifth arts and skate school, this time in Bamyan, Afghanistan. Bangladesh Street Kids Aid has built its first skate park in Dhaka all with the help of The Skateroom. And 7Hills has created a safe skate haven for children in Amman, Jordan.

See the full remarkable list of skate projects and schools here.

Corso Como Shanghai | Photo The Skateroom

It was following a chance meeting with Skateistan head Oliver Percovich in 2013, that The Skateroom founder Charles Antoine-Bodson saw first hand how, with the right facilities and resources, young people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries could be empowered to pursue a better future.

Charles’ experience with Skateistan became “the seed for a new model of social entrepreneurship that would unite artists, art buyers, museums, brands and non-profits around the world. The Skateroom was born”.

Artists who have become involved with The Skateroom include Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Yoshitomo Nara, Paul McCarthy (check out his hilarious Donald Trump editions), Anastasia Bay, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons and the legendary Charles M Schulz, creator of the Peanuts cartoons. And this is just a few, there are in total 48 collaborators and ‘dead artist’ foundations, see Vincent van Gogh for some stunning editions. And they’re all made with sustainable materials.

“We embrace an engaged business model to create positive impact in the world. Art and skateboarding together have become a vehicle for change.”

Founder Charles-Antoine Bodson

The company goes on to say, “By placing works of art on responsibly made skateboards, The Skateroom connects people to the reality that Art for Social Impact is something achievable right now. Whether you choose an edition featuring the work of legendary artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh, or iconic contemporary artists like JR, Ai Weiwei, Grayson Perry and Paul McCarthy, you can enjoy your art edition twice as much knowing it also made a difference in someone else’s life.”

Sticking on Snoopy creator Shultz. During the Apollo missions of the 1960s, Charles M. Schulz gave NASA permission to use Snoopy on the agency’s spaceflight safety materials. In more than 55 years since, Snoopy has appeared on NASA safety posters, stickers, and has even flown to space as the Silver Snoopy pin.

Now Peanuts and NASA have entered into a Space Act Agreement, to work together to bring the “joys of space exploration” to people all over the world.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landings in 2019, The Skateroom and Peanuts came together to pay tribute to the “dress rehearsal” mission that allowed mankind to prepare properly for the landings in July 1969. It sparked Apollo-Snoopy-mania at 2019’s Comic-Con International in San Diego too. To raise funds for social skateboarding projects benefiting at-risk youth, The Skateroom and Peanuts bring you five Snoopy – and Apollo – theme art decks.

If you want support for your project you can fill out a form here.

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