SFER IK | Inside Mexico’s Groundbreaking Natural Art Gallery
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SFER IK | Inside Mexico’s Groundbreaking Natural Art Gallery

June 2, 2022 Share

SFER IK museum in Tulum, Mexico, is one of the best works of art in the world, not just for the contents within but for the incredible architecture and designs throughout – a paradise for earth’s captivating wonders.

Welcome to SFER IK, a museum in the middle of the jungle located in the forests of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. As art spaces go, SFER IK is undoubtedly unusual, having been built around trees growing inside the area, embracing nature by cohabitating with it.

Inside the museum is an interdisciplinary creative sphere comprising exhibitions of some of the world’s finest visual artists, cutting-edge workshops, and creative artist residencies focusing on multidisciplinary projects that culminate in new ways of experiencing and creating art.

An exterior view of the SFER IK. COURTESY OF SFER IK.

The main idea is to form bridges between the creativity of contemporary artists and local artisans. The artworks displayed here are in harmony with nature, works that can be perceived by moving around them, some that can be smelled or touched – all the pieces very much encourage us to be present in the given moment.

A look inside the SFER IK. Courtesy of Azulik.

What I love about the twisting entrance and oxygenated spaces is that it gives art enthusiasts, curators and artists alike a chance to create something entirely new in the eye of the observer. Described as a multidisciplinary space for creators, it promotes clean, sustainable pieces that have become the critical ingredient of luxury interior design in 2022. 

SFER IK Uh May – Spaces. Image courtesy of AZULIK.

In recent years, sustainability has become the hottest topic in the art world – and it should, given that this most globalised industry is “estimated to produce around 70 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year”, more than some European countries.

This is a modern take on eco-friendly, relaxed living. Full of cool colours, gently layered and curved. An ethereal experience.

Architecture. Image courtesy of AZULIK.
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