The Most Anticipated Art Exhibitions Of 2022 To Mark On Your Calendar
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The Most Anticipated Art Exhibitions Of 2022 To Mark On Your Calendar

January 2, 2022 Share

For many people, the last 18 months have been lacking the communal experience of seeing art in exhibitions. Long-dark museums sat empty, nursing a backlog of explosive creative works yearning for the chance to be beheld by a captive audience. 

Every year, billions of dollars worth of art pass through international auction houses, while leading museums each hold tens of thousands of artworks in their collections. 

They do this to attract art lovers, enthusiasts and dealers alike to gather together for exhibitions of a lifetime. 

Exhibitions act as the catalyst of art and ideas to the public; they represent a way of displaying and contextualizing art that makes it relevant and accessible to contemporary audiences.


Now, some of the world’s most anticipated exhibitions are ready for their turn in the spotlight. 

From new work by rising art stars, immersive experiences and rarely seen pieces by significant players of the 20th century, these upcoming art shows are sure to be standouts. 

If You Are A Art Collector, Dealer Or Enthusiast Then Get Your Pen Ready To Mark Some Of These Big Names Down On Your Calendar For This Years Exhibitions:

Picasso: UNSEEN PICASSO at the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California through Sept. 3-Jan. 10, 2022. 

Unseen Picasso

Rarely seen etchings, lithographs and linocuts by the Spanish master. 

Oscar Muñoz: Line of Destiny at the Phoenix Art Museum through Sept. 11, 2021–Jan. 16, 2022

The Phoenix Art Museum’s mid-career survey of fifty works elucidates the tangible events—war, assassinations, urban development, cyclical political conflicts—that drive the Colombian artist’s critical and poetic technique.

Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror at the Whitney Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Now on view through Feb 13, 2022. 

Jasper Johns Map

Mind/Mirror is his most extensive and most comprehensive solo show, so big that it will appear in two simultaneous dual exhibitions.

Francis Bacon: Man and Beast at the Royal Academy London’s Royal Academy Jan. 29, 2022, through April 17, 2022. 

Man and Beast explore the artist’s love of animals and how this fascination inspired his later art.

Andy Warhol: Revelation at the Brooklyn Museum Nov. 19, 2021, through June 19, 2022.

Andy Warhol The Last Supper

Andy Warhol is the subject of this new exhibition, which takes a closer look at how his conservative Catholic upbringing impacted his life and work.

Tate Modern Exhibitions: SURREALISM BEYOND BORDERS through 24 February – 29 August 2022

According to the Tate based on extensive research, this exhibition will reach across the world and over 50 years

It will show how artists around the world have been inspired and united by surrealism.

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