SAVOUR — Top Chefs On-Demand In Exciting New App
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SAVOUR — Top Chefs On-Demand In Exciting New App

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Dining out is great, of course, but there’s nothing quite like the intimacy and familiarity of hosting a home dinner party! With the right guests, the right mood, the right drinks and the right cuisine, you can create an atmosphere of your very own that you’d struggle to replicate in even the most sophisticated of restaurants. 

SAVOUR — Top Chefs On-Demand In Exciting New App

Having been unable to host such an evening for well over a year, we’re sure that plenty of you will have already commenced the planning for your first post-pandemic dinner party – and that you’ll be looking to elevate the game to make up for lost time. 

Luckily, we might have just the solution! SAVOUR is an exciting new app that allows its users to connect with top chefs specialising in a wide range of different cuisines, giving hosts the opportunity to hire a big-name chef for their own private dinner party. The team behind SAVOUR are looking to ‘turn your table into a sanctuary to celebrate and nurture social interaction’ – a mission that we can certainly all get behind after the last twelve months. 

There are plenty of fantastic aspects of the SAVOUR app, not least the wide variety of different cuisines available to choose from when selecting your ideal chef, a list that includes everything from vegan food to French delicacies to dishes hailing from Ethiopia. Whatever taste you’re looking to offer your guests for the evening, SAVOUR has a culinary expert for you. 

It’s incredibly easy to get started. Users simply need to download the app, currently available on both the App Store and Google Play, create an account and select the location where your dinner party will take place.

Using your dinner party’s location, SAVOUR will present you with a collection of professional chefs available to hire for your event, along with a biography, affiliated restaurants, price per head and sample menu for each chef. 

After booking, you’ll be able to chat with your selected chef in-app about the meal, as well as all of your requirements and guests’ needs – no detail of the event will be left to chance. In the days leading up to your booking, your chef will head out to their selected market for the freshest produce for your meal, ensuring that the food is lovingly crafted and uses only the finest ingredients. 

Once you’ve coordinated their arrival at your location on the day of the dinner party, you can relax and prepare for your event with no stress, safe in the knowledge that you have a culinary expert handling the food for the evening!

That’s not all, either. If you needed any more proof that this app will innovate the way that we organise dinner parties, SAVOUR even includes a dedicated in-app concierge, allowing users to ask about functions of the app, chef recommendations or advice to assist with other aspects of the event!

SAVOUR — Top Chefs On-Demand In Exciting New App

While SAVOUR certainly looks set to revolutionise the way that we organise dinner parties in the future, it’s currently available in very few locations – one of these lucky locations being New York. 

With so many award-winning chefs and restaurants in New York, it’ll likely come as no surprise that SAVOUR offers some truly exciting talent for hire in the area. One such expert is Akiko Thurnauer, a Tokyo-born chef who has previously worked for Nobu, The New York EDITION, PON*G and Ivan Ramen, to name just a few. 

SAVOUR — Top Chefs On-Demand In Exciting New App

Akiko offers six different menus to SAVOUR users, including a family-style chicken and ribs menu, braised pork and salmon menu and an extended menu of delicious seafood offerings. It’s clear that having something available to suit everybody is a staple of the SAVOUR app – and key to hosting a successful dinner party. 

Renowned Momofuku chef Francis Derby also makes his services available through the app, promising to take your senses on a ‘global culinary adventure’ through his vibrant, flavourful dishes. What more could you ask? 

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on which US cities will be next to receive access to SAVOUR or when we can expect it to roll-out worldwide – the app is rather exclusive at the moment. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where SAVOUR chefs are on offer to you, we’d certainly recommend exploring all that SAVOUR has to offer! 

Set the table, light the candles, pour the wine – let’s SAVOUR something new.

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