Predictable Silver Plated Frames? No Thank You! Say Hello to Photo Wall Tiles
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Predictable Silver Plated Frames? No Thank You! Say Hello to Photo Wall Tiles

April 8, 2023 Share

Ladies and gents, let us introduce you to photo wall tiles: the most renter-friendly interior design hack.

Nobody wants to be called basic. But that’s probably what people will think if you’re hanging traditional, flat silver photo frames in your home. Sure, it’s easy, and it’s what you’ve been doing for years, so you probably have a million of them still lying around, but it’s not exactly going to wow anyone. In fact, it’s probably the opposite. It’s the photo frame equivalent of hanging a Live, Laugh, Love piece in your room, which we can easily agree nobody wants. Instead, may we introduce you to something called photo wall tiles.

Image courtesy of BAILEY MAHON

Let’s face it, silver-plated frames are so 90s! Sure they carry with them that traditional, perhaps vintage feel, if you’re going for that modern vibe in your home, you’re going to want the way your wedding photos are displayed to reflect this. What’s more, photo frames in general have become a bit predictable, and if you want something original and timeless, investing in photo tiles by will give your house a fresh feel which can change often as the price is very low.

What Are Photowall Tiles?

Photo wall tiles are a new twist on an old favorite: the frameless wall print. You probably have at least one of these hanging in your home, although it’s probably a larger-type piece of art and it might not even be anything that personalized. Maybe it’s the classic art nouveau print of Le Chat Noir. Maybe it’s Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. 

Photo wall tiles are similar and yet different. Instead, they are frameless wall prints in a standard 8” x 8” size. But instead of just a single square on your wall, you hang them in an arrangement of other photo wall tiles to create a collection of images together.

These photo wall tiles can be printed with whatever photos or prints that you wish, to create your own collection of unique tales, all on your wall.

A Storyboard of Moments

Ever taken Polaroids and stuck them on your wall, fridge, or corkboard as a cool statement photo piece? Photo wall tiles are the new version of that Polaroid montage and the images last a lot longer than simple, printed paper photos.

The tiles themselves are hardwearing so that you can wipe them down easily with a damp cloth and provide a finish that’s free from fading, water damage, or discoloration that can affect other photos. It’s a way to keep those Polaroid moments frozen in time so that they survive any move or readjustment within your home.

Image courtesy of Reinhart Julian

No More Nails

These babies are nail free and stick on quickly with removable adhesive strips. What this means is that you’ll never have to worry about leaving marks or holes on your walls again. It goes without saying that for the lazy among us, or those who have never picked up a hammer in our lives, that this will fit in neatly with a no-fuss lifestyle approach.

This makes for a perfect solution for renters who’d like to have art-styled walls but aren’t allowed to introduce new wall hangings or make changes to existing spaces within their rental properties. This also goes for businesses who are looking to add quick stylistic touches without the overheads of installing new art.

DIY Creative Flair

By having each wall tile as a separate picture, you can create a mosaic collection of images to match a theme. You might decide to do this by adding a particular filter to each image or set of colorways, interspersing personal photos with matching prints or pattern blocks, or even select a theme like holidays or pets to curate your particular wall.

Go as big as you want by covering a whole wall, or go for a sleeker look with a small tiled set, the choice is yours.

Move Like a Boss

If you’re a perennial mover or know that you’re not going to be in the one spot for long, then photo wall tiles are the ideal choice to make your personalized art choices fit in any space. Going from a huge living room wall to a tiny hallway will make no difference: all you will have to do is either add more tiles or take some away, as necessary. 

This also makes the tiles a great gift, as people can choose to put their art wherever they wish: there is no more debating where the best place to hang a picture is or choosing whether to retire an old piece to hang up your new gift. Instead, they can simply add the new tiles wherever works best in their concept of how they would like their home.

Beyond Basic

Basic concept, not so basic execution. Take your picture-hanging decisions to the next level with the easiest new way to decorate a house (or rental apartment) to make it feel like a home.

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