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Copenhagen — Art, Culture And Entertainment In The World’s Happiest City

Needless to say, we’ve all earned the opportunity to enjoy a little travelling this summer – and what better destination than one of the world’s happiest countries?

Denmark consistently ranks highly in the World Happiness Report’s list of the happiest countries across the globe, most recently coming second only to Finland. This year, the report states that Demark’s high rank is due to its long life expectancy, social support and generosity and kindness among its citizens – the latter being an aspect of the country that visitors have often been delighted to experience for themselves. 

While it may not be the first destination that spring to mind when we think of Europe’s most popular tourist spots, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is certainly an up-and-coming favourite amongst those looking for culture, leisure and fine dining during their vacation – and it’s easy to see why.

This lively city is home to multiple galleries, museums, landmarks (both natural and man-made), top restaurants, beautiful architecture and a vibrant nightlife scene. This is a destination where there really is something for everybody. 

So, in case you’re hoping to head somewhere completely new this summer and are looking for a destination that welcomes visitors with an abundance of culture, relaxation and fun, here’s DDW’s overview of everything that beautiful Copenhagen has to offer!

Culture In Copenhagen

Culture In Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a vast and vibrant history, so it makes perfect sense that there is no shortage of galleries and museums in the city where visitors can stop to learn a little more about it. 

The first attraction that comes to mind in this respect is The National Museum Of Denmark, which is housed in the beautiful 18th-century Prince’s Mansion. The building houses items of interest from almost every period within Danish history, including fascinating displays surrounding the famous Nordic Viking Age. 

Tours at the museum are given by local volunteers rather than paid employees, so visitors are led on their journey throughout history by Copenhagen residents with a genuine passion for their home country, simply eager to share their interest with visitors from across the globe. 

Art is also hugely important to Copenhagen, with multiple art galleries across the city! You’ll find exhibitions in Copenhagen showcasing everything from iconic renaissance pieces by celebrated artists to the contemporary work of Europe’s most promising up-and-coming painters, sculptors and photographers. 

Denmark’s largest gallery is The Statens Museum for Kunst, which houses pieces from as early as the 14th century alongside must-see pieces of the modern age – including the country’s most prestigious Danish royal collection. Visitors to the gallery are bound to lose themselves as they explore each room within the building, taking in some of the country’s most influential works. The venue also hosts weekly art talks, where visitors can truly enrich their knowledge on how art has shaped not just Denmark, but Europe as a whole. This is a must-visit for any art aficionado that finds themselves in the area. 

The city also plays host to Copenhagen Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year and brings together some of Europe’s most popular designers. At the core of the event is sustainability – something that Denmark has become rather famous for in recent decades – allowing those lucky enough to attend to get a glimpse at the future of fashion as industry leaders continue to make moves towards a more sustainable future. 

The city also plays host to Copenhagen Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year and brings together some of Europe’s most popular designers. At the core of the event is sustainability – something that Denmark has become rather famous for in recent decades – allowing those lucky enough to attend to get a glimpse at the future of fashion as industry leaders continue to make moves towards a more sustainable future. 

Of course, these are just a select few of the many cultural havens available to visitors in Copenhagen – it would be impossible to take in all the art, history and fashion that the city has to offer during a short break. 

Dining In Copenhagen

Dining In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is quickly climbing the ranks of Europe’s best vacation spots for those who look to enjoy some gourmet cuisine during their trip, with such an abundance of Michelin-star restaurants that the city could even rival Paris, the fine-dining capital of the world. 

Copenhagen is seen as the birthplace of New Nordic cuisine, the movement towards the use of sustainable, fresh local ingredients grown with love and care – all incorporated into dishes that are just as innovative and creative as they are delicious. 

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that celebrated chefs have been settling in the city a lot more in recent years. One restaurant which has consistently impressed critics from across the globe is Noma, a spot that is considered to have acted as a catalyst for the country’s culinary evolution. Famous for head chef Rene Redzepi’s minimalist, yet thoroughly flavourful dishes, the menu at Noma rotates three times per year and is designed based on the ingredients that are at their finest point for use in cookery during the given season. 

It’s this approach that earned Noma the number two spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, second only to Mirazur, the culinary gem of the French Riviera

Former Noma chef Matt Orlando has since branched out to open another of Copenhagen’s hottest dining spots, Amass. This is a particularly stylish venue, where fine dining (again, with the very best local ingredients at the core) meets contemporary art – Copenhagen cuisine at its most vibrant. 

Finally, consistently booked to full capacity is Alouette, led by American chefs Nick Curtin and Andrew Valenzuela. Situated in a disused factory in the neighbourhood of Islands Brygge (once the centre of Copenhagen’s industrial revolution), the vibe inside is surprisingly luxe and intimate, while the food is globally and seasonally-inspired. Alouette provides the diner with a culinary adventure, sure to act as a highlight of your Copenhagen trip overall. 

Nightlife In Copenhagen

As you head into the evening, there’s plenty of vibrant nightspots to be found around Copenhagen, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. 

If you’re looking for a particularly opulent start to your evening out in Copenhagen, consider stopping by Kyros & Co. for cocktails. This swanky, intimate venue keeps craftsmanship and style at the core of their cocktail menu, perfect for after-dinner drinks once you’ve finished up in your chosen restaurant. The bar was located in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, but the team recently announced plans to move to a new location in the city, perhaps a sign of their success since Kyros & Co. was established in 2018 – we’re suKyros

7re that, wherever it is, it’ll be well worth a visit during your trip. 

Nightlife In Copenhagen
The Minds of 99 at Vega, Copenhagen, 2018, by Flemming Bo Jensen. Fujifilm X-T2, XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR

Next, one of Copenhagen’s most versatile venues. RUST has had a vibrant and varied history, having started out as a political cafe (a space where citizens would meet to discuss social and political issues) and transitioning into a leading live rock bar before finally being turned into the leading nightspot we see today. 

If it sounds a little experimental, that’s probably because it is! As nightclubs go, RUST is as eclectic as they come, having played host to everyone from Post Malone to Rufus Wainwright. When there are no live musicians playing, RUST has live DJs spinning until late, playing a mix of indie rock, electronica and hip-hop across its three floors. 

Finally, VEGA. Opened in 1996, VEGA is one of Copenhagen’s best-loved nightclubs, consisting of two concert halls and a stylish street-level bar – all housed within a landmark listed building dating back to the 1950s. The list of artists who have appeared at VEGA over the years is symbolic of how well-respected the club is, having hosted secret shows from iconic musicians such as Prince and David Bowie in decades past. These days, visitors can expect to enjoy vibrant live sets from many of Copenhagen’s best DJs. 

Despite its rich history, this is still a city on the rise, with so many incredible landmarks, galleries, restaurants and nightclubs that have yet to be discovered by many of the world’s tourists. One thing is for sure, though – Copenhagen is well on its way to becoming a favourite amongst those looking to experience the very best that Europe has to offer.

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