Paris Hilton Enters The Metaverse With New ‘Paris World’ Roblox Business
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Paris Hilton Enters The Metaverse With New ‘Paris World’ Roblox Business

January 5, 2022 Share

Yes, you read right. Famous model turned DJ Paris Hilton has officially joined the online metaverse. At the age of 40. 

The Californian star has now launched her own digital business inside of Roblox, an online gaming platform that reaches hundreds of millions every month.

Just when you thought the star couldn’t shine any brighter, the pink-loving socialite decided to join hands with Roblox to create an island dubbed Paris World. 

Hilton launched her new business by creating a virtual stage for her New Year’s Eve DJ set, all for the love of her dedicated fanbase. 

Her 17 million followers had a one in a million opportunity to rub shoulders with the American businesswoman while running around and exploring the luxurious lifestyle of a millionaire socialite.

Hilton’s virtual island now joins her 50 real-time stores and 19 international product lines alone.

And she is already making pockets of cash. The celeb is charging players for a range of virtual experiences all of which have been designed around Hilton’s lifestyle. In the game, fans can book a ride on a jet ski or purchase items of clothing for their character. 

Paris Hilton
Photo Courtesy of Paris Hilton/DXSH

They can live her Paris World.

For example, players can explore replicas of her Beverly Hills estate or visit her mansion where only her loyal dogs lay. They can even stroll through the same neon carnival scene, a location she spent celebrating her marriage to her current husband Carter Reum. 

In the real world, Hilton charges up to $1 million per night for her DJ performances.

“For me, the metaverse is a place where you can do everything that you normally would do in real life but the digital world. Not everyone gets to experience that.” – Paris Hilton

Some people who attended the digital event leapt onto Twitter where the humorous comments just kept on coming.

Hilton previously stepped into the NFT arena, working with designer Blake Kathryn to design and sell three unique art NFTs. Sold in an online auction, the most expensive piece sold for more than $1.1 million

Following this success, 11:11 Media looked into other forms of online income.

According to Reuters, Hilton isn’t the only star jumping on this virtual train. A clutch of celebrities and brands are also rushing to embrace the metaverse, a broad term referring to a persistent virtual world, one created by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

“That’s Hot”

– Paris Hilton

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