Blake Kathryn | Meet The Leading Female NFT Artist Whose Worth Millions
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Blake Kathryn | Meet The Leading Female NFT Artist Whose Worth Millions

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LA-based NFT 3D artist Blake Kathryn’s surreal, futuristic aesthetics is unreal and out of this world.

Los Angeles is the second-most popular city in the United States, after New York City. Are sirens real? Are there angels in this city? Maybe or maybe not. 

But there are unique gems that make this state like no place else. One of these priceless gems is Blake Kathryn, a freelancer designer making waves in the industry.

Artist Blake Kathryn’s 3D dreamscapes have the power to transport viewers to another world — one of the rich colour palettes, glossy androids, and a neon-hued alternate reality. 

Blake Kathryn
Real hot bot shit’. Date Sold: 30 Mar 2021. Price: $129,207.06 (50.089 ETH). Courtesy of Blake Kathryn.

Her one-of-a-kind look has attracted Adidas, Fendi, The New York Times, and Adobe. She recently animated the visualiser for Lil Nas X’s Panini, which sits at over 400 million views on YouTube. 

Published on the evening before the release of his debut EP in 2019, her looping animations of slick cyborgs accompanied his second single after the success of Old Town Road, helping propel the notion that he’s more than a one-hit-wonder.

Intending to go into advertising, she was attracted to studying graphic design. After graduating, a move to New York City jump-started her career, furthering her music industry and refined arts interests. 

Blake Kathryn
Blake Kathryn

Now living among the high palm trees scattered with celebrities and high-life inspiration, Kathryn’s art constantly reflects on her use of the unconscious as her resource.

In an interview with Verge, the star revealed that the time spent on one project varies but “if I had to give an estimated average of actively working on a personal piece, start to finish, most are done in eight to 14 hours.” 

Blake Kathryn
Blake Kathryn – ethereal, dreamlike aesthetic.

Blake Kathryn is a leading female NFT (Non-fungible tokens) artist whose art is worth millions. In 2021, Kathryn joined hands with American socialite, and businesswoman Paris Hilton has sold one of her debuts NFT pieces, titled Iconic Crypto Queen, for $1,111,211

Out of these, Hummingbird in my metaverse and Legendary love featured 11 editions for sale, whereas only one edition of Iconic Crypto Queen NFT was available.

Today Blake Kathryn has sold over 867 artworks with a value of $3,849,858.33 (824.192 ETH) for all of her masterpieces – to be precise.

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