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Palaces & Permanence

The Palaces Of The British Royal Family

This year has been an interesting one for us all - with so much of what we took for granted before in question and so much uncertainty prevailing across the globe, it seems that no one is safe from its seismic shifts. The British Royal Family is no exception. With scandals, shake ups and intrigue plaguing the gilded halls of Buckingham Palace - the family has been making controversial headlines all year. 

In the latest of a long string of tabloid-fueling transgressions, the recent release of Finding Freedom (a much hullabalooed tell-all book about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure from their royal duties) shocked Royals and pundits alike. With the Queen age advancing steadily (the much loved monarch is already 94 years of age and has accomplished a staggering 69 years of uninterrupted reign) questions about whether the House of Windsor will survive for much longer have begun to surface. 

Critics claim that the Royal institution is now more outmoded than ever and that the UK should, in fact, scale down the influence of the royal family and move towards a more openly republican mode of government. Nevertheless, the Royals have had these criticisms for centuries and their permanence is without equal - surviving world wars, revolutions, deaths and calls for modernity with poise and equanimity; one would hope that they could also survive 2020.

Perhaps there is no better indicator of their permanence than the physical manifestation of their reign - the Royal Residences and Palaces. These hallowed buildings are steeped in history and entice an endless fascination (if the world’s collective binge-watching of Netflix’s The Crown is any indication). We explore some of the Royal houses and their stories:

Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace  — The British Royal Family
Buckingham Palace

In 1761, Buckingham House (as it was first known) was purchased from the Duke of Buckingham by George III as a gift for his wife, Queen Charlotte. Intended as a townhouse for the family to use and escape from court functions, the house was expanded and aggrandized to a Palace in 1837. 

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