Nude Project and The Story of Spain’s Lucrative Independent Streetwear Scene
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Nude Project and The Story of Spain’s Lucrative Independent Streetwear Scene

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Nude Project: from a dorm room project to an internationally recognized streetwear brand.

Every fashion brand has to start somewhere, but few start with two complete strangers, 600 euros, and a college dorm room. Or so you think. Spain’s Gen-Z fashion market is full of “grassroots” labels exploiting social media for accessible marketing, and it seems to be working. Benefiting from something that many major labels seem to lack, Gen-Z are uprooting the way labels are born, making clothes by themselves, for themselves. And whilst we have seen it happen in many successful companies in the Spanish market, namely Eme Studios, Cold Culture, or Disorder Wave, none have managed to tap into the market quite as well as Nude Project.

Image courtesy of Nude Project

Beginnings and Founders’ Vision

Nude Project was established in 2019 as an independent streetwear clothing brand in Barcelona by Bruno Casanovas and Àlex Benlloch. The founders, both born in 2000, met through social media and shared little more than a birth year, but set off in creating a streetwear fashion community they could identify with. With an initial investment of just 600 euros (300 each), they began designing and selling their clothing, initially to friends and acquaintances.

The brand quickly gained popularity, largely due to its effective use of social media, particularly Instagram, where the brand was quick to go viral. Tapping into a market Spain was deficient in, they combined their savvy understanding of Gen-Z trends through eye-catching posts. These then evolved into collaborations with key figures in urban music, such as Rauw Alejandro and trap artist Kidd Keo, which is how the brand expanded its reach and solidified its presence.

Image courtesy of Nude Project

Later down the line, celebrities like Bad Gyal, Quevedo, and the director and actor Paco León also wore their clothing, contributing to the brand’s growth and popularity.

Not Just a Brand, but a Lifestyle

Today, Nude Project has left the online realm and ventured into several physical stores, opening locations in Madrid, Valencia, and other major Spanish cities. However, their approach to physical shopping – an act that is arguably becoming less lucrative – resembles more that of an artist on tour than a traditional fashion label. Their strategy involves pop-up events across Spain, rather than permanent brick-and-mortar stores, which taps into hype culture, and society’s need for the unexpected.

Image courtesy of Nude Project

But it’s not just clothing. We told you a year ago, that fashion is no longer confined by the realms of stitches and fabric; a brand is nothing without its lifestyle. For Nude Project, this takes the form of a popular podcast helmed by the brands’ founders, where they invite personalities from various sectors to discuss current topics. The Nude Project podcast has featured various notable personalities such as Nacho Vidal, Frank de la Jungla, Quevedo, Aitana, Juan Magan, “Pequeño Nicolás”, and Marc Gasol.

Analysing The Marketing

Nude Project’s meteoric rise in the fashion industry can be attributed to its masterful deployment of digital marketing strategies that resonate deeply with the digitally savvy Gen Z demographic. At the heart of its success is the brand’s adept use of social media, particularly Instagram, to build a vibrant and engaged community around its streetwear offerings. By leveraging social media platforms not just for marketing but as a channel for storytelling, customer engagement, and community building, Nude Project has created a brand that feels personal and relatable to its audience. Its strategic use of influencer partnerships, innovative campaigns like impactful raffles, and seamless integration of online hype with offline experiences, such as pop-up events and the opening of physical stores, have further solidified its market position. This holistic approach, grounded in understanding and catering to the desires of a younger, more connected consumer base, showcases Nude Project as a case study in how digital-first strategies can be used to build a fashion brand that not only sells products but cultivates a loyal community.

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