Nobility Token For The Big Leagues
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Nobility Token For The Big Leagues

February 23, 2022 Share

How do you invest your money? E-Sports? Cryptocurrency? The world of investing has been taking twists and turns throughout the past two years.

With the usage of blockchain technology and new sustainable models to balance earnings for the individuals participating. With many alternatives to choose from, Nobility has built a new system with two of the highest levelled fields––merging esports and cryptocurrency to bring the best of both worlds in business. 

The global gaming industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar revenue catapult and the nobility has been able to solve problems in the gaming industry through blockchain technology. Its goal is to give back to its viewers, streamers and gamers through their utility tokens. With a mission to integrate the community, it strongly prides itself in collaborations and partnerships within the platform

Nobility Token For The Big Leagues
Nobility Token removes the uncertainty and margin of error from investing | Photo by Markus Winkler

The new development uses the DeFI token to help creators earn large profits through tournaments in gaming. You can earn passive income through investing on the Nobility Token since it restores 7% of each transfer you complete on the network. 2% is added to the liquidity pool. The other 2% is used for esports tournament prize pools, marketing, business development, charity,  scholarships and other ways of giving back to the community. 

As you have seen the market for the Nobility Token grow, it has also been working behind the scenes to expand to international markets as many of the infographics have been recreated in both Spanish and Portuguese. With a more simple platform and way of generating passive income, its growth has been a crucial part in both investments and the esports industry. 

While trusting stocks and bitcoin is great to get you started, the Nobility token has created a sustainable model that is not only fair but also balanced, making it more adaptable for the community and easier to learn.

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