No Need for Spaceships; A Moon-Shaped Resort May Be On Its Way
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No Need for Spaceships; A Moon-Shaped Resort May Be On Its Way

September 20, 2022 Share

You know what they say; “Aim for the MOON and even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars”.

Dubai: Home to the world’s tallest building, the skinny-looking Dubai Frame and the notorious man-made palm islands could now welcome a bewildering new addition, the MOON resort. The world’s most fantastic architectural playground could be looking at developing a $5 Billion destination resort in as little as five years.

Conceptual Render. Image courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

With current designs including a giant round replica of the earth’s closest celestial neighbour, the MOON is projected as a 198m diameter sphere hovering over a round platform of around 259m in diameter. Visionary, large, and eccentric in all its capacity, the sketches and visualisations for MOON look like they emerged from a Sci-Fi creative director’s sketchbook. From a moon shuttle that aims to wrap around the inner core of the building (which in turn is housed inside the giant moon-shaped globe), to hotel suites reminiscent of a Blade Runner movie set; the future is here.

According to the Verge, going to the moon currently costs somewhere around $74.7 to $81 million. With hotel rooms at the MOON resort priced at $1.46 Million, it is considerably cheaper (and yet wildly unaccessible to the majority of the population) to stay at the MOON than it is to fly to the moon. And here’s the thing, not only is it projected as a Sci-Fi dream-come-true, but The MOON aims to spare nothing when it comes to luxury as it plans to operate at a staggering five-diamond level, and constructed to a LEED gold five standard.

What Will it Include?

The star of the show is a 90-minute experience (priced at $500.00) which includes the opportunity to walk on the lunar surface whilst exploring a vast working lunar colony, but the place is certainly large enough to host much more than that. Restaurants, theatres, spas, arenas, event centers, casinos, boutiques, nightclubs… it is no exaggeration to state that the MOON has it all.

In case the entertainment aspect of the MOON was not compelling enough, it will also offer 300 boutique Sky Villas available for purchase under the name of  The Private Residence at MOON. Any owner of a MOON private residence would also be part of the exclusive private members club.

Where Will it Be?

MOON plants to be licensed in four different spots around the globe, one in North America, Europe, MENA and Asia. Although Dubai is certainly a front runner for the MENA area, the city is currently leaning towards the development of more residential projects.

Who is Behind This?

The MOON is the vision of two Canadian entrepreneurs; Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews. Together they make up Moon World Resorts, an Architectural Design and Intellectual Property Licensor.

As MOON puts it “12 people have been there, 7 billion want to visit.”

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