New on The Real Estate Radar: Rockefeller’s $57.5 Million Townhouse in The Upper East Side
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New on The Real Estate Radar: Rockefeller’s $57.5 Million Townhouse in The Upper East Side

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Equipped with a basketball court, original detailing and a recent renovation, is the distinguished Rockefeller property worth the investment?

For an impressive span of seven decades, the distinguished investment banker, David Rockefeller, and his wife, Peggy Rockefeller, maintained a prestigious Colonial Revival-style townhouse situated in the coveted Upper East Side of Manhattan. The residence, located a mere few blocks away from the renowned university established by his grandfather, John D. Rockefeller, in 1901, served as a symbol of the family’s enduring legacy and historical significance… as well as their hefty bank account.

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Recently resurfacing after an absence of nearly five years from the real estate market, the iconic townhouse has been listed for an impressive sum of $57.5 million, a number difficult to get to grips with. The property underwent an extensive renovation during its time off the market, directed by esteemed architect Steven Harris and designer Miles Redd. The renovation aimed to preserve the home’s classical charm while introducing modern luxury elements, resulting in a seamless fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary allure.

Formerly owned by Doug Band, a former advisor to Bill Clinton, and his wife, Lily Band, who acquired the residence for $20 million in 2018, the townhouse underwent notable modifications under their stewardship. Among these changes was a two-foot height increase to the garden level ceilings, achieved through excavating below the property. Additionally, the top floor was transformed into a striking basketball court, standing 17 feet tall and featuring a 220-inch movie screen—a remarkable display of athleticism and entertainment within the refined dwelling.

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Spanning an impressive 12,500 square feet, the townhouse comprises eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, complemented by an additional 3,500 square feet of outdoor space. This includes front and backyard gardens, a first-floor terrace, and a rooftop patio boasting a fire pit—an ideal setting for outdoor gatherings and relaxation. Inside, the residence offers eight inviting fireplaces distributed throughout the various rooms, a golf simulator room, a gym, two service kitchens in addition to the main family kitchen, and an elevator facilitating easy access to all five floors.

The property’s allure extends beyond its physical attributes, as several interior spaces still retain significant historical elements. The first-floor drawing room, adorned with the original pale mustard botanical wallpaper installed during David Rockefeller’s residency, preserves a cherished connection to the past. Moreover, the parlor floor showcases a lovingly restored 40-foot-long living room featuring the authentic knotted wood paneling, majestic 13-foot-tall ceilings, and intricate crown molding.

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As this illustrious townhouse reenters the real estate market, it stands as a beacon of sophistication and legacy, inviting discerning buyers to partake in its storied history. Its allure lies not only in its opulent amenities but also in the rich tapestry of stories embedded within its walls—stories that reflect the lives of the esteemed occupants who graced its halls over the decades. The townhouse’s return to the spotlight presents an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to embrace the epitome of Upper East Side living, where elegance, tradition, and modernity intertwine in perfect harmony.

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