New Forms of Interactive Entertainment to Try in 2023
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New Forms of Interactive Entertainment to Try in 2023

January 28, 2023 Share

With evolving technology, here are the different types of interactive entertainment bound to take 2023 by storm.

The boundaries between gaming, streaming television, and social media are blurring. As creator-owned content gets more popular, new, interactive forms of entertainment are beginning to emerge. This has combined with a desire people have to get out and do social activities, which means whole new types of entertainment are set to arrive and are just around the corner.

Interactive Fitness

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The most famous brand of interactive fitness is Peloton. Their connected fitness bikes allow virtual access and connectivity with others who wanted to cycle and stay fit. Yet the company has struggled recently, which is evident in its share prices. That is where interactive fitness can help. 

Available under a range of different brand names, if these devices are not at a gym near you then they soon will be. They involve a range of different games, that usually involve you and others working as a team to complete puzzles and solve problems. All the while it pushes your cardio to the max, making you run, jump, and squat. You may have to run in tandem and hit targets while avoiding light shows on the floor. It’s fun and interactive and you need to try it. 

Live Casino

The online casino industry is forging ahead with innovative ways to enhance its games. One of these is the addition of streaming technology in what has been dubbed live casino. You play a casino game through your device, and a live croupier in a studio will deal with the cards, spin roulette wheels, and perform their duties in real time. This blends the social aspect of a real casino with the accessibility of an internet one. 

Most quality online mobile casinos now have a host of live dealer titles. If you have a favorite table game, then you can expect to find versions of it that have streaming croupiers. While you can’t talk to them directly, you do have chat functions that allow you to communicate. Choose one with great welcome bonuses and you can even play without using the whole of your bankroll. 

They have even begun to evolve into brand-new types of games. You can now find hybrid slots, that allow bonus rounds with live streaming. Operating like game shows, even major brands such as Deal or No Deal have licensed their brand for these games. In no time, you could be playing classic game shows from the comfort of your device. 

Cloud Gaming

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The next generation of consoles is already available without disc drives, allowing you to download games directly. The next step in this is to not download them at all but to have them streamed directly to a console or PC, just like you would stream a TV series or movie. This is known as cloud gaming. 

Many of the major operators are already getting braced for this. However, games are still large, and the broadband technology to deliver all games is still not fully up to specification. So, you may not be streaming the biggest, latest games, but smaller more casual ones could be an option.

These three areas are each interactive changing entertainment in interesting ways, so it will be intriguing to see how they continue to develop over the next year and in the near future.

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