Nashville — A Weekend In The Music City
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Nashville — A Weekend In The Music City

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Nashville — Music City — a place where rock’n’roll, blues and country all find a home. Yet, this city has so much more than its musical history.

The city is a rising star in the United States with artists — both musically and otherwise — and the professional classes moving from across the country to call the city home.

So, what should you do if you have a weekend in Music City? Don’t worry, DDW has you covered.

Nashville skyline.
Music City. Credit: Brandon Jean

Take a Day Walking in Hillsboro Village

Situated between Vanderbilt University and Belmont University this hip district has a lot to offer for those interested in the true local scene. Local restaurants are the name of the game in this trendy neighbourhood.

Have breakfast at The Pancake Pantry where pancakes and waffles are made using secret family recipes. The restaurant opened its doors in 1961 and has a “Pancake Cam” allowing visitors to see how long the line is — get there early!

A guitar on a sign saying "live music".
Credit: Mana5280

If pancakes aren’t your thing — really?! — try Fido. This hip little coffee shop turned restaurant serves food created with local organic produce. It offers great coffee and food, if you want to sip java like a local, this is the place.

In the evening, why not catch a show at The Belcourt Theatre? This local theatre often shows from work from independent and documentary filmmakers as well as classic movies.

A main street in downtown Nashville.
Nightlife in Nashville is second none, especially if you’re looking for live music. Credit: Chad Morehead

Catch an Intimate Show at The Listening Room

When in Music City, see some music. The Listening Room steps away from traditional venues in that it offers a more intimate experience for artists and audiences alike. The venue opened in 2006 and is committed to incredible live performances — they claim to be the best sounding venue in Nashville.   

The music is usually played in an acoustic set and capacity is limited. The result is an up-close and personal show — it’s not a venue where the audience is shouting over the music, the music is the show and the main attraction.

A man walking down the street in Nashville holding a guitar case.
Nashville, a music lover’s dream. Credit: Cody Lannom

On top of that, it has a great menu of food and drinks with fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. If you are exploring the SoBro neighbourhood in downtown Nashville, this is a venue you wouldn’t want to miss.

Nashville’s Most Famous Dish — Nashville Hot Chicken

No journey to Music City is complete without having Nashville’s famously spicy, famously delicious, hot chicken. Served with a pickle chip and a slice of white bread or as a delectable sandwich — this classic and simple dish is one of the defining features of Nashville cuisine.

Nashville's many signs and flags on a main street.
Credit: Drew Hays

Not all hot chicken is equal, however, so it helps to know where to start. Party Fowl in downtown Nashville offers more of a full-service experience than most other local vendors. With various levels of spice all the way up to their famed, knock-your-socks-off, “poultrygeist”, this restaurant will have something for everyone.

Whether or not it’s your first time to Music City, there is something on offer for everyone. You won’t want to miss out on these often overlooked attractions which help to make Nashville a top-tourist destination.

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