5 Viral London Restaurants for Your November Food Outings
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5 Viral London Restaurants for Your November Food Outings

November 6, 2023 Share



Here’s your monthly dose of London’s most viral restaurants, approved by influencers and regular people who just love to eat (and post about it).

TikTok has done lots of things for its viewers; providing regular comedic relief, pandemic entertainment, encouraging new side hustles… but for Londoners it has also served as hyping grounds for the hottest restaurants, events and parties in the capital. The result is a visual Lonely Planet Guide of sorts, with direct recommendations from some of your favourite influencers (or even just regular people with a knack for finding the best eateries in town). Read along to find out what restaurants have gone viral recently, and why.


1-3 Green Lanes,
Newington Green, N16 9BS

Image courtesy of Perilla
Image courtesy of Perilla

Starting off strong with one of the most viral places in east London we have Perilla, a restaurant that shines in its simplicity. Taking cues from mediterranean cuisine, which places a lot of importance on the quality of its ingredients, Perilla has an ever-changing menu which adapts to what’s in season. Which essentially means you have an excuse to visit more than once.


58 Brewer Street
London, W1F 9TL 

Image courtesy of Kiln
Image courtesy of Kiln

Inspired by Thai, Lao and Burmese cuisine, Kiln is a foodie heaven in Soho, so drop dead easy to access. The food is prepped right in front of you in a nifty open kitchen plan, and the Chef’s are not afraid to experiment – so prep yourself for some exciting and peculiar flavours.


46 Golborne road
London, W10 5PR

Image courtesy of Caia
Image courtesy of Caia

Caia self describes as a “Wine bar, music venue and open fire restaurant in Notting Hill”, and you don’t really need much more than that to get people excited. With an intimate setup, this nook in one of London’s most iconic neighbourhoods is particularly appealing to those with a thing for good music and good wine.


49-51 curtain road

London, EC2A 3PT

Image courtesy of Manteca
Image courtesy of Manteca

With an in-house salumeria (aka, a place specialised in charcuterie), Manteca takes pride on its authenticity. With viral hand-rolled pasta, wood-fired breads and an amaro-focused cocktail list, this is the place to go for an elegant Italian meal, because everyone knows the best Italian food in the planet can be found in London (after Italy, of course).


41 Dean Street
London, W1D 4PY

Image courtesy of Ducksoup
Image courtesy of Ducksoup

Ducksoup is the kind of place you might walk by on your way to work for years, but never realise how good it is until you set food inside. With a very understated facade, this eatery is cozy and familiar, its food ever changing with the seasons but always delighting us with exceptional flavours.

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