Myrqvist Makes Handcrafted Shoes to Step Up Your Footwear Game
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Myrqvist Makes Handcrafted Shoes to Step Up Your Footwear Game

July 14, 2022 Share

Don’t put Myrqvist down, until you have walked in their leather handcrafted shoes.

For every shoe you buy, a significant percentage of the price you have paid goes to intermediaries. That means people who transport, ship, sell, package and do all of these other things that manage to get your shoe from that factory to your doorstep. This also means you pay more than you should for value that your often don’t necessarily see. Myrqvist and their handcrafted shoes, however, are here to change that.

Image courtesy of Myrqvist

Born in Sweden out of the desire of producing a more transparent marketing process which focused on handcrafted quality and materials, Myrqvist is an upcoming footwear brand which produces a variety of shoes for the modern gentleman. They design a variety of types of shoe; Oxfords, Sandals, Loafers, Moccasins, Sneakers, Buckles, Derbys and Boots; truly something for every shoe enthusiast out there. They produce their shoes in Portugal, but their footwear opts for a set of features that make them particularly suitable for the Northern European climate.

“Early on we introduced optional half-rubber soles onto our formal shoes, which not only made them far better suited to walking in the rain but also meant they didn’t have to be repaired as often as a full-leather sole,” says Orhn, the entrepreneur behind the shoe craft. “And we have studded rubber soles on all our boots, which gives better grip on icy streets.”

Good shoes however require good care. When being put away, they should be kept in shape with a shoe tree. When loosing colour they must be polished accordingly. Not keeping up with your shoe care can make your shoes lose quality and bring down your elegant attires.

Image courtesy of Myrqvist

But the world only doesn’t revolve around shoes (even though we wish it did) and Myrqvist knows it. Offering wool, cotton and knee-high socks, Myrqvist sells comfortable and minimalist looking accessories to ensure you’re well equipped to walk down the streets in your new moccasins. And if footwear accessories are not your thing, Myrqvist also designs scarves, hats, belts and gloves; all of which have undergone particularly meticulous attention to detail.

So who exactly is buying Myrqvist shoes right now? The answer is practically everyone. As Orhn stated; “When you look at our customers, it ranges from students buying their first pair of shoes to members of our royal family,” says Orhn. “We have built this business solely based on word of mouth, of people recommending us to their father, brothers, and colleagues. So many different men of all ages like our shoes, and I am incredibly proud of that.”

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