NO/FAITH: New Denim Brand Alert
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NO/FAITH: New Denim Brand Alert

October 27, 2022 Share

Distressed denim, marked-up seams and fringes; German brand NO/FAITH brings you fashion’s finest jean Avantgarde.

Skinny jeans are out, and low rise jeans are in and that very well may be the extent of your fashion knowledge, at least when it comes to jeans. What was once an all-time American staple has now arguably fallen behind, fashionistas and Gen-Zs pushing for trousers made out of other materials that are often more flow-fitting and patterned. But not every jean brand is becoming démodé and NO/FAITH is here to prove it.

Image courtesy of NO/FAITH
Image courtesy of NO/FAITH

NO/FAITH jeans are baggy, with marked seams and distressed. They have pockets, combed threads and patchwork. With a merge of street-style, hippie distress and bespoke uniqueness, NO/FAITH is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to bring an Avantgarde touch to trousers.

Designed and built in Cologne and Eiffel, Germany, NO/FAITH has been working its magic since 2016, but has only gained major popularity as of recently. It’s aesthetic is very dishevelled and Gen-Z, evoking the messy-chic which fashion and beauty is embracing with trends such as the wolf haircuts, smudged eyeliner and asymmetric fabric tailoring.

Image courtesy of NO/FAITH
Image courtesy of NO/FAITH

It’s creator, Luis Dobbelgarten, has been a skater since he was eight years old. He began screen printing t-shirts and working with an aesthetic that brings the crude Avantgarde into the fashion realm. He doesn’t seem to want, like many other designers, to move into the world’s fashion capitals, but instead appreciates the friendships and intimacies of being in his familiar home-city – perhaps an example which also reflects on his creations, which are very much concerned with Dobbelgarten’s own style, and not necessarily global trends taking over the fashion industry. NO/FAITH has nobody to impress but themselves, providing an almost anarchical touch to its designs.

For Dobbelgarten, his jeans are quite commercial, but unique enough. They rely on a a moderated price point, evidence of Luis’ knowledge of what his target audience wants and can afford to wear. But that doesn’t mean they won’t keep working on exclusivity. Whilst the flared jeans will probably always be in stock, NO/FAITH wants to delve into the releasing of limited, more exclusive stock, that plays not just with jeans but with leather.

At the moment however, the team is small and familiar. There are no investors, and Luis seems to want to keep it that way for the time being – but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already made it big. He recently designed some boots for Kylie Jenner or sold a jacket to Sierra Kid.

So you know the deal. Keep an eye out, buy yourself a pair of NO/FAITH jeans or wait it out for the exclusive limited editions. Either way, they’re bound to be a success.

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