Muse to Release First Ever NFT Album, Will of the People, eligible in Charts
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Muse to Release First Ever NFT Album, Will of the People, eligible in Charts

August 17, 2022 Share

The Devon trio are set to release the first ever NFT album, Will of the People. With sales eligible in both the UK and Australian charts.

With a history of anti-fa-inspired lyrics and album concepts, it’s certainly a surprise that the British rock trio Muse, out of all bands, will be the ones responsible for releasing the first ever NFT album, titled Will of the People. While it may have no correlation to their government opposing concepts, it’s certainly a change in direction for the Devon rock group. Especially seeing as a large portion of their fame came from their musical catalogue which is opposed to such mainstream trends. 

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Will of the People, will be the band’s ninth catalogue entry, currently scheduled for release on August 26. With Muse becoming increasingly connected with futurist themes and a change in their musical direction, I suppose an NFT release, after all, makes some sort of sense. 

Will of the People, which will also have standard forms of release, is set to be the first ever studio album NFT (non-fungible token) in existence. And what’s more impressive, is that the sales from which, for the first time in chart history, will count towards the band’s overall chart position. This feature alone could be a huge turning point for musicians in the near future. 

Will of the People
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The NFT album will be the newest musical format to be counted in charts since streams were introduced back in 2015. 

Differentiating from the standard NFT purchasing system, Muse has partnered up with crypto network Serenade, to offer fans a marketplace experience where NFTs can be acquired without the need for a crypto wallet. The approach makes the overall experience of cryptocurrency and NFTs more diluted and user-friendly. Ultimately meaning that any Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to purchase a copy of the album with little to no stress. 

Image courtesy of Serenade

Max Shand, Founder of Serenade, spoke about the digital partnership in an interview with The Guardian earlier this month. Describing the album’s release as the ‘black T-shirts of NFTs’. And well, you don’t have to be a whiz kid or fashionista to know the versatility a black T-shirt holds. 

‘What a fan wants is something simple and understandable but that gives them a sense of proximity to an artist and a sense of recognition from other fans.’ 

The user-friendly layout and set-up Serenade has got going, will welcome millions of fans internationally with digital open arms. The platform ultimately allows fans to become part of an online community with the same exclusivity as that of the crypto wallet marketplace

Will of the People
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Instead of buyers having to set up their own, Serenade will act as the middleman, creating and registering the wallet on behalf of the consumer. What makes Serenade more impressive, is that, for those who are more in tune with the NFT craze and may already have a wallet at hand. Will be able to use their own BitCoin or Ethereum rather than paying by card. 

Speaking on The UK’s Official Charts‘ decision to introduce NFTs, Chief Executive Martin Talbot explains, “There has been loads of noise about NFTs and being the future of music, the future of entertainment, the future of ownership. It’s great that this is becoming a reality”. 

Muse’s Will of the People NFT edition, will sell for a total of £20, with the band confirming that its release will be limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide. This alone, is a massive factor in pushing immediate sales. Like any other NFT, those who purchase Will of The People digitally will be able to resell should they choose to. That being said, The UK Official Charts have confirmed that these sales will not count in the total tally. 

Will of the People
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The NFT release will drop next week, on August 26. For more information on Muse’s Will of the People, click the link below:

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