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Bobby Misner | Going Viral, Space-Hopping And Living Life The Right Way

The son of a billionaire may be sailing through life right now but underneath all the glitz and glamour, we discovered a different side to Bobby Misner – one that needed to be heard. 

Saint-Tropez, a town on the French Riviera in Southern France, is known for its seaside resort and influx of artists of the French New Wave in cinema. It later became a place for the European and American jet sets to settle comfortably.

On this particular day, I found myself sitting opposite a very secure Bobby Misner. He was relaxed, calm and collected – just different from his usual on-the-go attitude. 

This was because he was situated inside a place where he truly felt himself, a destination where he finds the most happiness- there in his family home, on top of the French hilltops. 

Bobby Misner

With his rebellious smirk and his personality oozing with confidence, the Youtuber and Filmmaker and now Creative Director of DDW began to tell his tale. 

It’s clear that Bobby idolizes his father, School of Audio Engineering (SAE) founder, Tom Misner. In fact, even though he only saw his father once or twice a year as a child, he claims that he learnt a lot of lessons from his father like how to be strong, own it and to always take the fall when you mess up. 

As he sits up straight in his chair, the star puffs out his chest and proudly states that he is incredibly inspired by his father, who once came from nothing and rose to build an empire of his own.

“I have always seen my father as this omnipotent being. He always seemed like this guy who had it all figured out.”

Bobby Misner

Most importantly he learnt that decision-making is the key to being successful. Today he considers himself to be quite a cool narcissistic and someone who holds a rebellious trophy to his name.

However, Bobby Misner blames his childhood upbringing for that.

From Growing up In The Land Down Under To Living High On The Hills Of The French Riviera

Bobby was born into a financially comfortable family in Australia, but it all changed when he was 13 after his father, Tom Misner, sold his company, in 2011, for a lifetime supply of everlasting wealth. 

After realising his now billionaire father was a businessman with private jets, super-yachts and mansions in some of the world’s most desirable locations, he joined the high-life by jet-setting off into Europe with his family.

He first found himself in Germany, having attended an international school for 2 years but then bounced to an English boarding school where he closed his educational chapter for good.

Bobby Misner

From there, he partied with celebrities and lived the life of any wealthy 26-year-old man growing up.

But one thing for sure is that this globe-trotter is nowhere near settling down anytime soon. 

He may be bouncing between cities like London, Paris and Los Angeles, but this passionate creative has got big dreams to fulfil that are definitely cemented down tight.

“I feel like I have been given more of a mission, with what’s going on with all this suppression. I want to show people my true colours-disobedience.”

Misner Found His Passion For Filming Through Numerous Home-Alone Action Movies 

Throughout his youth, Bobby Misner loved the idea of creating a film. He explained how he would sit at home alone, while his mother and sister were out all day. This gave him the chance to watch and learn numerous movies on TV. 

He also stated that from this he started filming at a young age too and was inspired by action movies he watched, whilst visiting his father- soon after his parents separated.

“Movies really raised me and taught me everything I needed to know in life.”

But his whole life changed as soon as he was introduced to the Youtube community. At 21 years old he became even more inspired by Casey Neistat’s vlogging world. This gave him idea of filming his own.

From here he created his own channel and began his journey of filming the life of a wealthy young individual.

The YouTube Sensation Goes Viral With 7 Million Views After Trolling The Internet For Fun

Bobby Misner

In November last year he released a YouTube video, Life of a Billionaire’s Son, showing off his father’s private jet, superyacht and mansions, and it quickly went viral. To date, it has over 7 million views.

His video literally shook the web. It was the moment that he considers to be the day that became a huge turning point in his life. It elevated him to the top of the Youtube charts.

“That was the day I made a name of myself – my name stuck.”

Bobby Misner

From here he started getting noticed by celebrities alike and soon found himself directing films for musical artists, brands and festivals.

His biggest filming achievements so far have landed him in jobs working for Disney’s electro-land festival, a Creative Director for American rapper, Desiigner and even joining Moroccan-American rapper – French Montana on tour.

Misner simply says that being a creator is the best thing he could be doing right now. This is because the essence of being a creator is that you adapt to change and can create based on your environment – perfect for someone who travels as much as he does.

But not everything is always sunshine and daisies when it comes to social media. We all know by now that the internet also has a dark side at times. 

“If social media ended I feel like I would either be doing nothing or doing more. I wouldn’t be constantly searching for this constant short term gratification.”

Bobby Misner

Not many creators can take the heat when it comes to receiving hate. He tells us that he used to be a troll himself and the fact that the role is now reversed, is just humorous.

“I feel like quite a sadistic person and I feed off of that negative energy. It’s just really funny to me that I can get under peoples skin like that. You can try your hardest to bring me down but it’s not going to work.”

The Covid-19 pandemic caused Bobby Misner to completely readjust his life as a Youtube creator, traveller and filmmaker. But he claims that the pandemic is what drove him to push for his passion of creating disobedience even more.

Misner believes that being rebellious or going against the grain is in fact a good thing for this radically changing world. He believes that we should be stepping out of our comfort zones and simply living life to the fullest – not conforming to a society that thrives on being pushed and pulled into a set mould.

He wants people to take away the idea that things you are not allowed to do are always the most fun.

“I think the world is proving not that you really need to be standing against what you told to do. Otherwise, people will just walk over you. I say stand up for what you believe in.”

His Aim In Life Is To Leave Behind A Sky-High Legacy

“I feel like if I took LSD with ASAP Rocky in a spacesuit and I was just hopping around on the moon – my life would be complete.” 

Suddenly, something changed in Misner as he began to explain his look on life, as others would say, someone who has made it. It was his young leadership speaking. 

His goals were spoken with passionate gestures that bellowed from the creator – and not all of them were aimed at him.

To all the people who interact with social media and wish upon a star that they could be in his wealthy position, Misner says “don’t sit around and think about it – do it, make it happen.”

“I know it’s rich coming from me but I have a birds-eye view on life and I can tell you that you can do whatever it is that your dreaming of -and more.”

Bobby Misner

These are the types of messages that Misner aims to leave behind. Pure guarantee that if you stand out from the crowd, you will get noticed and soar. 

Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with his art and his creations. To convey these messages, he wants to leave behind videos that are long-lasting in quality and be remembered for the specific filming style he made over time. 

“You are going to see me come on a big rise in the next year guarantee it.”

Well, he ended up speaking too soon. As another opportunity for Bobby soon came knocking on his door this year.

Bobby Misner Steps In As DDW’s New Creative Director 

Last year the talented Misner met DDW’s founder, Antoin Commane. After being commissioned to help film some high-quality content for the magazine’s relaunch in Paris and Saint-Tropez, Misner was asked to officially join the business as full a time Creative Director.

“I am really excited about being given this opportunity. I love a challenge and I love that I am able to create stories of other people who share the same passions as me.”

Bobby Misner Has A Message To All The Rich Kids Out There 

As we neared the end of our interview, one more question was raised. Does money really buy you happiness?

“Money is your fun coupon. It is the ticket to your freedom. Without it all you do is think about it- just to exist.”

Since his father’s huge success, Bobby Misner has been constantly labelled as simply the billionaire’s son. But the Bobby we met today showed us that not only is he branching out to create a name for himself, but that he gains more gratification when making his own money, rather than just getting it from his dad.

The Youtube star, globe-trotter and cinematic filmmaker ended our chat with a powerful message to all his wealthy counterparts:

“Just because you’re born into wealth, people want to put you into a box and say that you are never going to be anything or your dad was so much greater – well they are wrong! You have a huge advantage and you can excel in different things. You don’t have to follow in the footsteps of your father.”

He concluded with:

“Your life is a movie and your the main character, so you might as well make it worth watching.”

– Bobby Misner