Johnny Depp | Little Hall’s Pond Cay – The Private Island Sells For $75 M
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Johnny Depp | Little Hall’s Pond Cay – The Private Island Sells For $75 M

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Forget mansions and supercars; the biggest stars in the world have their very own private islands. Johnny Depp and his pot of gold is one example.

Pure talent has led Johnny Depp to star in blockbuster movies Pirates of The Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His net worth of $150 million has allowed the Golden Globe Award actor, producer and musician to fall in love with paradise, and then buy a slice.

Described as the purest of getaways, the private island, called Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas was just the perfect amount of 45 acres of paradise when he bought it in 2004. 

PageSix stated that “after his $3.6 million purchase of escape turned into a troubled memory following his split with wife Amber Heard, Hall’s Pond Cay went on sale” for $75 million by Vladi Private Islands and was stamped sold in minutes. Now that was a good investment. The island is situated just 60 miles away from the glamorous Bahaman capital of Nassau, making it one of the best-positioned private islands in the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp
The incredible beaches on Halls Pond Cay. Photo courtesy of Vladi Private Islands.

The island has been labelled as the purest place on planet Earth and it’s not hard to see why. Crystal water laps flawless sandy beaches, making a scuba dive to see endless amounts of sealife with almost effortless. 

It was during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean that Depp spotted the island. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be island neighbours with the likes of Eddie Murphy and David Copperfield? When he first touched down on the island, part of the Exumas, the natural flora, fauna and inhabitants were so well protected that there was absolutely no infrastructure waiting for Depp when he purchased his slice of heaven. 

Johnny Depp
An Aerial shot of Halls Pond Cay. Photo courtesy of Vladi Private Islands.

He immediately put his stamp on it by adding his own ranch-style house with a 360-degree view. Several other residences, including a beach house and bamboo yurt, are entirely solar-powered. As you would expect for someone like Depp, renowned for his multiple characters, all of the homes and buildings on his island thread the same needle by being quirky yet classy. Even his interior design matches Johnny Depp’s Gold Coast Australian home pretty perfectly. It’s a peculiar multimillion-dollar property sat in lush greenery. 

This is the island where he healed after substance abuse problems, bombed movies and failed marriages. So before 2015, it was the perfect spiritual oasis where he even married his former wife Amber Heard – but let’s not get into that situation. Each of the island’s six beaches are named after something special to him. For example, he called two after his children, Lily-Rose, 21, and Jack, 18.

Johnny Depp
One of the properties on the island. The building was a remake of a bar featured in Rum Diaries. Photo courtesy of Out Island Life.

There are innumerable private islands for sale worldwide, and investing in paradise seemed to have worked out well for Johnny Depp.

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