Is Bella Hadid Bringing Cowboy Back?
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Is Bella Hadid Bringing Cowboy Back?

April 5, 2024 Share

We might have made a case for boho fashion last week, but this week we are back with another trend that has us deep diving into our wardrobes. But this time we are not pulling out our hippie skirts and jewellery, but a close sibling; the cowboy boots and hat.

Image courtesy of Bella Hadid Instagram
Image courtesy of Bella Hadid Instagram

In the cyclical world of fashion, it is no surprise that we are seeing an old trend resurface, but it feels like cowboy core was trending just a few years ago. The more apt question, perhaps, is whether cowboy core ever died in the first place. Verbatim aside, pop culture is full of cowboy moments – take Beyoncés latest country album as an example. But whilst Beyoncé dictates what we listen to, we turn to people like Bella Hadid for fashion advice. And Bella has been been giving us her best horse-girl attire lately.

Perhaps this has something to do with her new boyfriend.

Who is Adan Banuelos?

Adan Banuelos is a cowboy – or more aptly put, a cutting horse rider. That means, someone that specialises in competition horses used to separate a cow from its herd. Banuelos, who hails from Texas, has established himself as a prominent figure in the sport, both through his own achievements and as part of a family legacy in rodeo and horse cutting.

Banuelos has gained significant recognition for his accomplishments in the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA), where he has been honoured with titles such as the #1 NCHA Leading Open Rider in various years, including 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Is Bella Hadid a Horse Girl?

Yes, Bella Hadid is often considered a “horse girl,”. This interest isn’t just a casual hobby for Hadid; it’s a lifelong passion that traces back to before her fame. Hadid has shared that she began riding at a very young age and has continued to pursue her passion for horseback riding throughout her life. She has even competed in equestrian events, harboring dreams of participating in the Olympics as part of the equestrian team. Unfortunately, her ambitions were halted due to her diagnosis with Lyme disease, which significantly impacted her ability to ride at a professional level​.

Image courtesy of IMG Models

How To do Cowboy in 2024?

Cowboy is hard to do, which is why we are seeing it come back in a very subdued fashion. Cowboy boots, wide leg jeans and tassels are considered statement pieces, to be paired with more contemporary silhouettes and materials, instead of opting for an entirely cowboy themed outfit and risking looking like a carnival costume.

Image courtesy of Farfetch
Image courtesy of Farfetch
Image courtesy of Farfetch

For Hadid, this has looked like a lot of denim and bell-shaped trousers, or more minimalist looks paired with what is now becoming her signature western hat. But it isn’t just Hadid we have our eyes on. Louis Vuitton FW 2024, under the creative direction of Pharrell Williams, stood out with its cowboy motifs. The collection embraced quintessential Western elements such as chaps, leather, cowboy shirts, intricate embroidery, fringe, beading, and luxurious fur, accompanied by a curated soundtrack featuring artists like Mumford & Sons and Miley Cyrus. Likewise, Similarly, Edward Crutchley’s FW24 collection at London Fashion Week incorporated the Western trend. Inspired by historical costumes and iconography, the collection featured blanket prints, historical textiles, and a fusion of cultures, bringing subtle Western details into modern wardrobes​.

Image courtesy of HypeBae
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