Introducing Sophie Malaga – Spain’s Hottest Open-Air Festival
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Introducing Sophie Malaga – Spain’s Hottest Open-Air Festival

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Sophie Malaga is Spain’s latest open-air festival curated to unleash your inner hedonist.

The festival – fittingly named after a woman, the archetype of novelty, is described as Spain’s latest medium of escapism. Through music and nature as vehicles of expression, Sophie Malaga, located near Malaga’s serene port, hopes to give festival-goers a sense of freedom many long for.

Described as an epicentre of inspiration, the festival celebrates music and culture through open-air festivities that in essence will bring those in attendance closer to inner quiet.

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Nobel Prize Winner Vicente Aleixandre described Malaga as the lost ‘City of Paradise’, with its charming architecture and preserved heritage. Located in southern Spain, it’s dubbed as a hub of enlightenment and transformative experiences. 

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The Alboran sea city doesn’t only offer experiences for the truth seekers and spiritual types, but also the vast array of gastronomy and celebrations of culture are other aspects that create a sense of paradise that Aleixandre speaks so highly of. 

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Sophie Malaga is set to take place every Sunday from the 3rd of July running for a total of 9 weeks, which will bring the festival to a close in late August. Beginning in the mid-afternoon and running until the early morning, the festival is set to debut with a bill stacked with outstanding guests such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Jamie Jones, Apollonia, Enzo Siragusa, Craig Richard and O.Bee B2B Tomas Station to name a few. The festival also has two special guests on the bill with details kept tightly under wraps. 

The celebration of music and life will offer a different take to your usual electronic festival experience. Expect to see a mixture of electronic pioneers with the lesser-known up-and-coming artists.

In fact, Sophie Malaga itself will mark festival debuts for many with the South of Spain city giving artists not only the chance to enjoy beautiful weather in one of the nicest parts of the country but also the opportunity to kick off their career in a tantalising fashion.

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The festival will celebrate electronic acts from all over the world with Sophie Malaga set to be an experience filled with mesmerising moments that all in attendance will savour. 

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Running for a total of 9 weeks, the festival is sure to offer something for everyone with Sophie Malaga’s organiser’s admitting every aspect has been carefully and lovingly curated in the hopes to create an electronic experience that will put Sophie Malaga in the discussions as being not only a hot prospect but also one of the most seismic and monumental festivals to keep an eye out for in the years to come. 

Whether it’s the view of the sunset, the pulsating sound systems, impeccable light shows, the carefully curated stages and productions, or the festival’s location, the first edition of Sophie Malaga is set to be an exotic and enriching experience the electronic music scene has long-awaited. 

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