How The Pursang E-track is Attracting A Raft Of Innovative Investors
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How The Pursang E-track is Attracting A Raft Of Innovative Investors

February 4, 2022 Share

Pursang is one of the brands helping to lead the charge in the electric industry, and its offerings look to have all the right ingredients.

It’s 2022, and EVs are everywhere – Teslas, e-bicycles, e-scooters, etc. But seeing an electric motorbike in the wild is still rare. Let’s face it; battery technology improves, increasing power and range. But now it’s time for the Pursang E-track to make an entrance.

This $17 000 Pursang E-track has sparked a new debate amongst the world’s leading head-scratchers. 

There’s a wide world of travel logistics going on behind the scenes in America, one that’s become central to everyday life. And yet, most of us are entirely oblivious to its environmental cost. 

Pursang E-Track
Photo from Pursang

But thanks to a handful of ambitious startups, there’s an electric revolution happening that may be perfectly suited to delivering or transporting us to a cleaner future.

When I saw this modern-looking two-wheeler, my initial thought was, right, so when will the aeroplane industry be following suit? I mean, come on. From electric cars to motorbikes, it’s highly inevitable by now.

Pursang E-Track
Photo by Jeremy Black

Pursang Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. Their new model, according to Two Motion, is that theE-Track, “is a 100 per cent electric motorcycle reincarnated to resemble the original Bultaco Pursang, which was in production from 1967 to 1984.”

Should you invest in something like this? 

Pursang E-Track
Photo by Jeremy Black

With the way our world is heading to an electric-powered industry soon, the Pursang E-track is just one form of transport to get your hands on before it flows down the viral mountain.

Its sleek black matte finish, jet-black interior and luxury feel seem to be doing the trick.

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