Mila Kunis & Friends Introduces An NFT Project That Pulls In $8 Million
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Mila Kunis & Friends Introduces An NFT Project That Pulls In $8 Million

March 11, 2022 Share

Mila Kunis’ Stoner Cats NFT collection — an animated series that can only be watched by NFT holders is another celebrity newsflash we never saw coming.

A new non-fungible token (NFT) project crafted by the American actress and producer Mila Kunis has made millions selling NFTs tied to an animated series called Stoner Cats

Wait, Cryptokitties?

Yes, Cryptokitties. It’s a whole thing now.

The crypto and NFT world is buzzing about the new series, but Stoner Cats the show has nothing to do with NFTs and everything to do with CATs.

I’m not going to lie, and this is smart…really smart. Mila Kunis will produce and lend her voice to Stoner Cats, an animated series for adults that tells the story of five cats who… yes, smoke pot.

mila kunis
The star-studded cast boosted the project, leading to a sold-out NFT Drop. Credits: Stoner Cats

And that’s not the most curious part of the project: to watch Stoner Cats, you need to own a Stoner Cats TOKEN. That is, to buy a collectable NFT.

The project is a show that will only allow token holders to watch the upcoming series produced by Orchard Farm Productions, a studio owned by Kunis.

Mila Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, has teamed up with celebrities such as Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, and the Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane. 

Essentially the show is about an older woman called Ms Stoner who lives with several mischievous cats. Ms Stoner has Alzheimer’s Disease and decides to use medical marijuana for her ailments. However, as soon as the elderly woman fish bowls the house, her cats get high, and they start talking to each other.

mila kunis
Despite a one day delay, the Stoner Cats NFT Drop was a massive hit selling out in 35 minutes and raising $8 Million. Credits: Stoner Cats

The Stoner Cats website shows a small clip of Ms Stoner and her cats, which gives viewers some perspective of the upcoming show. But not just anyone can watch the new show, as the series will only be available to NFT holders, which sold out last year. 

The sale of over 10,000 NFTs sold out in less than 35 minutes as each card sold at 0.35 ETH a pop (over $800). The sale raised $8.4 million, and NFTs can also be sold on secondary markets.

“In quarantine, some people started baking or knitting, and I jumped headfirst into crypto and NFTs. I surrounded myself with two brilliant women who knew all about it. I felt empowered. I was like ‘well, this is fun, what’s next?” – Mila Kunis

Well, with a manageable $8 million in the bank, Kunis is planning on incorporating more special guest celebrities to play as the voices in Stoner Cats. Even Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin will be joining the animated series and playing the character called Lord ‘Catsington’.

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