Home Decor | Top Interior Design Trends 2021
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Home Decor | Top Interior Design Trends 2021

August 22, 2021 Share

Interior design continues to evolve. This year people’s attitudes have changed during the pandemic which could explain why design ideas reflect a lot of what we see in the home. 

Trends are encouraging people to place even higher importance on making their space more natural, comfortable and rejuvenating.

Here are some of the top interior design trends to look out for when designing or adding to your home this year.

Organic and meandering shapes 

Gone are the days when straight rigid lines were our top priority. Now, this year’s trends welcome soft angulating squiggles and organic curved shapes into our homes. 

Through furniture, artwork and ceramics we can see this trend everywhere. Inspired by the art deco movement, they are now being reimagined and reinvented with a modern twist. 

If inviting curving furniture into the home seems less likely, then hanging artworks or adding in a touch of ceramic that embraces soft shapes and textures can really provide for a more abstract feel. 

Textures are essential to give space, depth, contrast, and visual richness. 

Softer and more relaxed morphology in decorative objects and furniture tend to transform objects into interesting forms that reflect the human body.  

Arches and black frames

As we continue with the organic theme, arches are also a major factor growing in popularity this year. 

Not only is it found in our everyday items like kitchenware and ceramics but in our actual architecture in our homes. 

If you are unable to implement an arch in your wall, adding arched art, ceramics or even painting these designs on the wall itself can highlight the overarching aesthetic. 

This combined with shelving units, filled with earthy ceramics or elongated pieces, adds a unique feel to the overall look.

Black framed interior doors, windows and partitions have also gained huge traction in contemporary homes.  

The idea of having black frames to highlight your views or garden exterior creates an elegant timeless accessory to your home. 

They can also be used to create interior partitions to divide areas and give the space a taste of sophistication.

Comfy fabrics

Comfort is the most important ‘home decor trend’ at the moment, it is probably what we’re all longing for. 

We’ve been spending more time at home than ever before, not just for relaxing but we’ve also started working at home.

Soft and rounded shapes that are very comforting and expel a sense of relaxation are essential this year.

Textures and fabrics like velvet, mohair, boucle and faux fur can be used for added home benefits. 

Use these textures on items like soft throws, pillows, ottomans, sofas and even lamps to make your room that all-important temptation to lounge. 

Dominant warm earthy tones

Hues that imitate the sensation of being immersed in nature not only promote internal peace but will focus on bringing in the tranquillity of being indoors. 

Colours to look out for could be beige, brown, burnt umber, terra cotta, warm taupe, sand, nudes, buffs and a touch of grey. 

They are more commonly found on accent walls, chairs, sofas, ottomans and cushions. Warm neutrals are great for making our space feel cosy and safe. 

They serve as a perfect backdrop for all trends that are focused and inspired by nature and composure. 

Zen-inspired interiors

The pandemic has made people realise that the home is our sanctuary and the focus is all about our wellbeing.

The idea of Zen has a lot to do with manifestations and meditations, which evoke a sense of relaxation. This is done through a very minimalistic approach. 

This of course has sparked from the Japandi-trend. Japandi is a hybrid style that combines traditional Japanese elements with Scandinavian design elements. 

The main concept behind Japandi is the idea that we must  ‘accept imperfection’. Items don’t have to match in terms of texture or colour, but rather complement each other.

Bringing nature into the home

Humans have an innate tendency to be close to nature. Incorporating plant life, natural design materials like bamboo, cork, raw woods, glass, stone, clay, seagrass, mot juste and sisal, for example, highlights this. 

Objects to include could be woven baskets or using fabrics made from linen or cotton. 

Cane webbing in furniture is the perfect material to add texture and warmth to a space. Its natural texture creates contrast with other materials used in contemporary interiors. 

For example, it can be matched with marble, leather, golden accents or matte black. It is also very heavily inspired by Japanese design styles. 

Materials like light wood give the space a calm fresh style, thanks to their lightness. From the floor, walls, furniture to panelling the material is versatile and flexible for any showpiece. 

One of the biggest trends at the moment is adding dried flowers to the home. 

Pampus grass and the use of dried foliage has become an explosive idea whereby it can be placed in ceramic pots or vases, held up like a sculpture piece or placed on the dining room table.

The delicate organic shapes fit in perfectly with a warm minimalistic interior.

The idea of handmade items

Now more than ever we are seeking the need to include materials made from biodegradable and renewable items. 

Buying locally or from small businesses, shopping vintage or even from local artists. From candle making to acrylic paint and DIY furniture upgrades, it’s all about durable fabrics, comfortable upholstery, and furniture pieces that are versatile and chic. Sustainable furniture solutions, such as the office desks that
are made in Canada
, are the way of the future.

It’s all about making our home feel unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Interior spaces are going to be reflective of personal style. Apart from this, 2021 will be more about liveable luxury and versatility in design. 

Overall this year’s trends are all about living and breathing in the elements of nature. From incorporating the earthy tones to embracing uneven lines and patterns. 

Feeling relaxed and comfortable is a 2021 top interior design must-have.

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