Beyond Object Proves Design Can Be Functional
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Beyond Object Proves Design Can Be Functional

June 30, 2022 Share

Turning functional objects into poetic and sculptural interior design features, Beyond Object is here to question the intricate relationship between functionality and design.

Nowadays it’s one or the other; you’re either buying for design or for functionality. Somewhere along the production line, we seem to have forgotten that, in fact, design can be beautiful and that the craft of a good product engineer comes with excellent design.

Beyond Object is a London design brand focused on crafting and manufacturing poetic objects to serve as interior designer accents in your own home. We’re talking about elegant clocks, ingenious pens and enviable desk accessories. Focused on quality, Beyond Object’s products are minimal, elegant and sculptural — ideal to decorate and function in the modern home.

The concept behind the brand is simple yet effective; the idea of turning functional objects into poetic and sculptural interpretations is slowly gaining traction in the design world. Product designers are latching onto the idea that functionality is, in fact, not exclusive to beauty.

The Curvo Wall Clock is a particularly clever piece. Utilising the simple principle of a wall clock, Beyond Object has decided to curve one of its edges, allowing it to be hung in columns or even intricate corners; two rather unexpected places to tell the time. Available in pastel pink, turquoise or matt black, the piece is of sculptural quality.

Beyond Object doesn’t limit itself solely to clocks. The Lino letter opener, for example, is another of their stand-out pieces. A knife reduced solely to its outline, Lino is handmade in stainless steel with a Teflon coating that makes letter-sending trending all over again. Another fun Beyond Object piece is the transparent memory stick . The designs, made up of a physical emptiness are hand-crafted to curated detail and is available in rose gold, black and metal grey.

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