The Top Property Investment Locations For 2022
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The Top Property Investment Locations For 2022

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Here Are Some Of The Top Property Locations Set To Boom In 2022

Investing in property doesn’t require any more money than any other asset. For a longer-term goal, investing in property is the way to go. If you have the cash, then real estate is one the safest stores of wealth imaginable.

Not only will it increase in value, but it will also bring you income through renting it. Exactly how much depends on several factors, with some countries more attractive than others on this list.

The overseas property market is always booming, and now is a better time than ever to invest in real estate. After all, property in a foreign country could be a pass into the jet-setting club.  

Whatever happens, property prices will always rise and fall like any other investment you may have your eye on.

However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to generate cash flow while building real, long-term wealth, this could be it. 

Here are the top property locations may you might want to consider investing in for 2022, as told by Forbes:


For those looking to invest in a property within the US, Maui is an excellent option for several reasons. Its breathtaking natural landscape and pristine weather consistently draw millions of visitors each year, creating a robust rental market for property owners. In addition, its real estate market has historically shown stability and steady growth, making it an attractive prospect for long-term investments. Due to its prime beachfront location and range of luxurious amenities, the Honua Kai Resort and Spa is one of Maui’s most sought-after vacation rental destinations, ensuring a steady stream of renters and excellent income potential for owners.

Property In Fortaleza, Brazil

The Culture Trip

For well-seasoned world travellers, the natural hot spots for investing in property lie in the beachside properties of Fortaleza. This city on Brazil’s northeast coast has 30 km of tropical beaches and a bustling old town full of life.

Virgin beaches and spectacular dunes surround it, and until recently, the locals have managed to keep this ideal gem spot a secret. Still, the word is getting out as international tourism is on the upswing.

Adding to the fact that Brazil’s currency – the Real, is expected to rise right now, an excellent rental yield is expected. 

According to Forbes, “the current exchange rate with the Brazilian real creates a huge advantage for both U.S. and Canadian dollar-holders.” 

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates

Full Suitcase

If you plan on getting your membership into the most exclusive clubs of international travellers, you won’t want to leave Dubai off your list.

It’s brash; it’s flashy; it’s successful. The UAE is the third-richest country in the world, and you could get yourself a property that will get you big profits.

The UAE has a huge ex-pat population, so you could be looking at long-term stable rent or lucrative tourist rentals. 

Either way, the demand is always high.

On top of this, the UAE is one of the most tax-friendly countries in the world, with rental taxes at just five per cent.

Anywhere In Croatia

Photo By A Place In The Sun

With more than 1000 islands and 6000 km of Adriatic coastline, this landmark’s foreign investment is rising fast or short-term rental opportunities.

Croatia is situated at the heart of Europe. With its unique geostrategic position and the farthest-reaching European sea inlet, Croatia is a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe, providing easy access to European and world markets.

Financing will be cheaper. All this will make real estate investments and projects even more attractive.

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