The Funniest Instagram Accounts To Follow Today
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The Funniest Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

November 29, 2020 Share

If winter FOMO has got you down, take a moment to kick back, relax and check out some hilarious content on your phone. Long-gone are the days of sitcoms, today; the best comedy comes courtesy of idle minds via Instagram.

The best accounts seem to hold a mirror to our society and thinly veil their hilarious contempt for people, places, parties and experiences that you might quickly recognise. DDW has scoured the ‘Gram to bring you the very best accounts to follow today:

Super Slutty Snake

Funniest Instagram Accounts — Super Slutty Snake

Attacking the world’s upper crust with an acerbic tongue and true comedic genius, Super Slutty Snake (SSS) is a favourite of the characters that it satirises; everyone from posh country aristos and NY club promoter playboys straight through to sweaty pilled-out Euros. Leo Di Caprio is a regular target as are his inner circle of friends and the parties they frequent (queue AmFAR and the Di Caprio Foundation).


Funniest Instagram Accounts — NarpyMemes

One of the original accounts to take an insightful lens at much of high society’s ridiculous excess, NarpyMemes (NARP = Not A Real Person) provides deliciously funny satirical commentary on the lives of the world’s Narpy elite. 

Overheard in LA

Funniest Instagram Accounts — Overheard in LA

Part of the Overheard franchise that serves as a highly amusing archive of overheard conversations in the top cities in the US. We love the LA one most as no one could encapsulate the absurdity of Los Angeles better than Angelinos themselves. 

5Memeford Street

Funniest Instagram Accounts — 5Memeford Street

Their bio states “Inside the minds of London’s best worst people”…We could not have put it better ourselves. 

DJ FatTony

Funniest Instagram Accounts — DJ FatTony

Infamous party DJ and producer, society figure, celebrity friend (Kate Moss is his bestie) and all around great story teller, Dj FatTony is truly hilarious and cutting with an onslaught of non stop over the top memes.

The Gstaad Guy

Screenshot 2020 11 28 at 19.56.25
Screenshot 2020 11 28 at 19.56.25

The absurd lives of characters Constance (a schweffy Loro Piana clad Euro) and Colton (a NY f boy of the worst kind) …

Jerry Gogosian

Jerry Gogosian

The self-styled “TMZ of the art world” is created by an anonymous, and clearly well connected art insider, inside jokes and direct jabs at key figures in the art world abound. High-brow entertainment for all. 

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