The Gstaad Guy x Loro Piana Drop
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The Gstaad Guy x Loro Piana Drop

November 21, 2020 Share

Andrea Boccelli’s Con Te Partirò paints melodies across the screen
As a cashmere clad gents strolls by looking so fresh and so clean
Here comes Gstaad Guy in all his glory
Bringing with him an uplifting story
That of a time when he was a child and introduced to his timeless style
Thanks to LP for creating he, all we can say is that he is a G

The Gstaad Guy x Loro Piana Drop
Credit: @GstaadGuy

In royal blue and truffle khaki colour these will no doubt be the most sought after shoes of the year. Complete with decadently soft uppers and beautifully crisp white soles you will not want to be caught dead at the Gstaad Palace without them. 

The Gstaad Guy x Loro Piana Drop
Credit @GstaadGuy

The Open Walk by Gstaad guy

I received my first pair of open walks at the tender age of three
Made with an attention to detail that only Loro Piana could guarantee
Timeless and understated most wouldn’t look twice
But those who know just know
And that will suffice
To me – the open walk is the Angelina to my Brad
The comfort, the elegance
The Palace to my Gstaad
So if you want to make a statement, no matter your gender
You will need a few pairs of what’s releasing on the 21st of November

Boccelli crescendos to a riveting moment – ready for you to make this drop your own. 

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