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Fresh Food From Farmers

It’s official, we’re in lockdown. The UK has now joined a growing number of countries that are shutting down due to the global pandemic. Luckily, supermarkets are still open but supplies are thinning out quickly, especially in major cities like London. 

Thankfully, the UK is still a nation of entrepreneurs and there are a myriad of alternative food delivery services out there. We have compiled the ultimate list for you to get delivery of fresh, organic options today:

Farm Box Services


Abel & Cole



Eversfield Organic

The Detox Kitchen

Daylesford Organic

Oddbox London


Cropdrop Organic Veg

Pale Green Dot

Coombe Farm

Camden Grocer

Pipers Farm

New Covent Garden Market

These are trying times. We need to think about our communities, those less fortunate than us and the heroes working on the front lines of medical services around the country. Download and share with these food waste apps


Too Good To Go

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