Freddy Mercury’s Kensington House is on The Market
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Freddy Mercury’s Kensington House is on The Market

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Discover the legacy of Freddie Mercury at Garden Lodge, his Kensington mansion up for sale. A piece of rock history and a testament to opulent design, this property offers a rare glimpse into the life of a music icon.

The late Freddie Mercury, legendary frontman of Queen, has long been remembered not just for his electrifying performances and timeless music, but also for his exquisite taste in homes. His iconic Kensington mansion, Garden Lodge, has now hit the market, stirring excitement among fans and real estate aficionados alike. With an asking price of over £30 million, the sale marks the first time this historic property has been listed since Mercury’s untimely death in 1991.

Which is all to say: This is a pretty big deal.

Image courtesy of Knight Frank

A Sanctuary Amidst Stardom

Purchased in the late ’70s, Garden Lodge offered Mercury a much-needed refuge from the whirlwind of fame that enveloped his life. It became a space where he could indulge in his deepest passions, away from the public eye. This Kensington mansion still resonates with the artistic touches Mercury so lovingly instilled, reflecting his unique identity and the vibrant spirit he brought to every corner of the home.

The mansion’s interior, a collaborative masterpiece by Mercury and interior designer Robin Moore Ede, showcases opulent design and meticulous attention to detail. From the double-height drawing room that serves as a grand library to the primary bedroom, designed to house Mercury’s iconic stage costumes, every element of Garden Lodge exudes luxury and personality. Noteworthy features such as an Art Deco dressing room, a dining room adorned in Mercury’s cherished lemon yellow, and a bar overlooking the drawing room, underscore the home’s architectural and historical significance​​​​.

Garden Lodge is not only remarkable for its architectural beauty but also for its cultural heritage, having been the backdrop for numerous star-studded gatherings. Managed by Knight Frank, the sale of this iconic property presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history, lovingly preserved by Mercury’s close friend, Mary Austin. The legacy of these gatherings, attended by illustrious artists and celebrities of Mercury’s era, adds a layer of allure to the mansion, making it a coveted treasure for potential buyers​​​​.

The Property’s Purchase History

The enduring appeal and value of Mercury’s legacy were highlighted in a recent auction by Sotheby’s, which saw Mercury’s personal collection raise around £40 million. This impressive feat underscores the lasting impact of Mercury’s artistic contributions and the deep admiration that fans and collectors worldwide continue to hold for him​​​​.

Image courtesy of Knight Frank

Is it Worth The Investment?

For those who seek not just a luxurious residence but a vibrant piece of cultural history, Garden Lodge offers a rare opportunity. This mansion is a memory box filled with love, warmth, and the indomitable spirit of Freddie Mercury, one of rock music’s greatest icons. As Garden Lodge prepares to welcome its next custodian, Mercury’s legacy continues to enchant, reminding us of the incredible impact he had through his music and his remarkable taste in homes​​​​.

Image courtesy of Knight Frank
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