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Ferdinand Kingsley On MANK, David Fincher’s New Oscar Buzzy Netflix Film

If you are wondering why you keep hearing about David Fincher’s new oeuvre ‘MANK’ - it is because it may well be an instant classic. 

The noir-style biographical drama about screenwriter Herman ‘MANK’ Mankiewicz and his development of the script for Citizen Kane brings with it a powerful script (written by Fincher’s late father), gorgeous cinematography, meticulous direction and wall to wall star-power. 

Mank's iconic poster - Netflix
Mank's iconic poster - Netflix

Dense, layered, dark yet somehow surprisingly easy and entertaining to watch; this film packs a punch across every level. Themes explored range from power, greed, self-destruction to the political and media machinations that move society. The characters are rich and complex and are beautifully delivered by an incredible cast including Gary Oldman in career-best performance. 

Shinning bright among the cast is Ferdinand Kingsley (son of Ben Kingsley) who delivers a crisp and haunting portrayal of early Hollywood movie-mogul Irving Grant Thalberg. We caught up with him to discuss his journey, working with Fincher and what it’s like playing a movie legend who may have actually invented fake news:

Photography by Bertie Watson. Stylist: Rory Mcnerney.
Photography by Bertie Watson. Stylist: Rory Mcnerney.
Ferdinand is dressed in Hugo Boss

DDW: Today we are talking about your newest project, MANK: a tour-de-force feature length collaboration brought to us by Netflix from the venerable David Fincher. Before we delve in, could you start us off by telling us about your background, what got you into acting and what kept you there?

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