Faux or Fashion? How To Spot The Veracity of Your Leather Garments
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Faux or Fashion? How To Spot The Veracity of Your Leather Garments

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Unveiling the Truth: A Guide to Discerning Authenticity in Leather Garments for Confident Fashion Choices.

In the not too distant past, leather served as the ultimate benchmark for assessing the quality of garments. Amidst a flood of countless imitations flooding the markets, authentic leather jackets, boots, or bags stood out as emblems of elegance, affluence, and discerning taste. Nowadays, the tables have turned, and the increase of vegan alternatives has rendered genuine leather nearly obsolete. And yet, one remarkable truth remains: nothing quite compares to the classic charm and lasting strength of real leather outfits.

So how on earth do you know if your Louis Vuitton is made out of the real deal or some great quality alternatives?

Image courtesy of Rick Owens
Image courtesy of Rick Owens

The Texture

First up, let’s get touchy-feely. When you touch real leather, it’s like sinking your fingers into something soft and supple. Give it a gentle caress, and if it feels smooth with a touch of graininess, chances are it’s the real deal. Fake leather, on the other hand, tends to feel a bit synthetic, plasticky, or way too smooth. Trust your tactile senses.

The next best thing you can do is to observe the grain. Real leather garments boast of a natural grain pattern, which is a telltale sign of authenticity. Take a close look and hunt for those imperfections and irregularities that give it character. Those little quirks can’t be replicated in synthetic alternatives. If the grain looks too perfect or suspiciously absent, it’s likely a faux leather impostor.

Image courtesy of Rick Owens

Sniff it

Now, let’s follow our noses—literally. Real leather has a distinct earthy aroma that’s hard to mimic. Lean in close and take a sniff. If it smells like chemicals or has an overpowering artificial scent, well, you might be dealing with a fake leather wannabe.

Seek out the labels

Label lovers, this one’s for you. Reputable manufacturers and designers take pride in using real leather and they’re not shy about labeling their products accordingly. Check for tags or labels that indicate the material. And don’t forget to dig into the brand’s reputation and history—authentic leather lovers leave a trail of quality behind them.

The Key is in the Edges

Let’s get edgy for a moment. Real leather often has rough, unfinished edges. So take a closer look at those edges, my friend. If they’re unnaturally smooth and perfectly finished, it’s a red flag for synthetic leather. Oh, and don’t forget to flip that garment over and inspect the backside. Genuine leather usually flaunts a suede-like or fibrous texture underneath, while fake leather might expose a fabric or plastic backing. Backside secrets, revealed!


Price and quality, the dynamic duo. While it’s not foolproof, they can give you a hint about authenticity. Genuine leather comes with a higher price tag—it’s the premium stuff, after all. So if you stumble upon a suspiciously low-priced leather piece, proceed with caution. Take a closer look at the craftsmanship, stitching, and overall quality. Real leather ages gracefully, developing a lovely patina over time, while synthetic alternatives tend to deteriorate quicker than your favorite dessert disappears.

Image courtesy of Rick Owens

When in doubt, seek a leather Sherlock Holmes. If you’re still uncertain about a garment’s authenticity, it’s time to call in the experts. Consult knowledgeable salespeople at reputable stores or leather aficionados who can examine the item and provide their expert opinion. They’ve got a keen eye for those elusive details that might escape the average Joe or Jane.

In a world flooded with counterfeit products, arming yourself with knowledge on spotting genuine leather is a fashion must! Remember to feel the texture, study the grain, savor the scent, check the labeling, inspect the edges, consider the price and quality, and consult the leather experts. Armed with these tips, you’ll make savvy choices and invest in leather products that not only scream quality but also uphold sustainability and ethical fashion. Happy leather hunting, my style-savvy friends!

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