DDW Selects The Most Fashionable Masks On The Market
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DDW Selects The Most Fashionable Masks On The Market

May 4, 2020 Share

Style That Saves Lives

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the face mask has become a staple item of clothing for us all. Whether we wear one to go buy food, or simply walk around outside to get some exercise, it is essential to wear one to flatten the curve. 

Governments around the world are asking their citizens to be responsible and wear masks even whilst social distancing, with strict guidelines being implemented everywhere. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that there could be fines levied on those that travel around NY without face masks or facial protection. 

With concerns of a second infection peak looming, it may be likely that we all end up wearing masks well past the end of the lockdown …so why not at least try to wear one that is fashionable?

Over the past few weeks we have seen high street shops and designers release their own versions of cloth masks (let’s leave the professional grade N95s and PPE for the urgent care workers that need them!) with designs offered from Off White through to Fendi. 

Here is our selection of the freshest face masks to wear and keep stylish (click on the pics to shop):

Off White face mask
Off White
The Most Fashionable Masks On The Market - Kes
The Most Fashionable Masks On The Market - Collina Strada
Collina Strada
Diane Kruger in Ética Denim Mask
Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin
Helmstedt face mask
Karen Walker
Karen Walker
Five-Layer Filter Masks : Urban Air Mask

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