Evan Spiegel Marks A Memorable Moment As He Splurges On A New LA Home
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Evan Spiegel Marks A Memorable Moment As He Splurges On A New LA Home

August 19, 2022 Share

Billionaire and CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel recently closed a deal on a $120 Million L.A. home in Holmby Hills. If you thought that was impressive, an additional $25 million was added to the price for the plot next door.

The mega-successful yellow ghost creator Evan Spiegel, the American businessman who invented the social media app Snapchat would never have imagined his life would change into a billionaire’s paradise –but it did.

Imagine you were one of the students in 2011 when Spiegel announced an idea for the ultimate project. A mobile application that would allow people to share pictures for a matter of seconds before vanishing forever. At the time, his friends at Standford University thought it was a big joke, but by 2011, his app became one of the most popular applications worldwide.

Evan Spiegel
Photo: via MLS.

Investors love it, parents dislike it, and hackers do have some fun from time to time, but today the $3 billion company seems to be slowly slipping down the ladder of success. It may be due to a large number of competitors we have floating around in 2022, like the rise of the video app TikTok but either way, his name and company still hold impeccable titles to be proud of.

And so, when dipping into Spiegel’s livelihood, it’s no surprise that a couple of mansions, condos and penthouses are already under his belt. From their current $12 million home in California, a mansion in Paris for $30 million, to now owning one of the most expensive real estates deals the city has ever seen.

However, there is just one problem; it hasn’t finished being built yet. 

Evan Spiegel
Photo Courtesy of Dirt/Zillow.

Totalling four contiguous acres directly across the street from the Playboy Mansion in prime Holmby Hills, Spiegel’s new $145 million compound was sold to him by British billionaire Ian Livingstone.

And since buying the home, it has taken two years for the 37-year-old billionaire and his wife Miranda Kerr to get their completed Los Angeles mansion back on track. Livingstone had the original idea to combine 1.4-acre lands with his already 2.6-acre mega-estate. 

Evan Spiegel
Photo: via MLS.

Still, after spending another small fortune on plans and permits before ripping the entire place apart by combing the surroundings and rebuilding the property, he changed his mind to kick his feet up and decided to sell instead. It’s been one giant construction zone ever since – or an exciting project for a couple ready to settle down. 

Besides having neighbours like The Playboy Mansion, the duo can expect to see the infamous Brody house across the street, which once belonged to American TV host Ellen Degeneres. But for now, Evan Spiegel must be patient as the diggers keep rolling.

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