EV Safe Charge Previews ZiGGY – A Robot Ready To Plug In And Serve
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EV Safe Charge Previews ZiGGY – A Robot Ready To Plug In And Serve

June 24, 2022 Share

The future is near. Meet Ziggy, the world’s first mobile robot to charge your EV while you shop. EV Safe Charge, electrical installation service in Los Angeles, California, is set to release these boxed minions in 2023.

The future of cars is pretty clear to me – it’s electrifying. And one company called EV Safe Charge is riding the same wave. A technological tsunami has been upturning the automotive industry over the last decade. Traditional patterns have exploded as the digital revolution leads to reinventing all vehicles’ hardware and software architecture. 

It may well be that in a few years, a car will look nothing like it does today in a few years. Just as a vast network of petrol stations rapidly sprang up to fuel cars a century ago, so will electric cars, and I hope to live out my days seeing hovering motorcars zooming over my head as I zoot about on mine. 

EV safe charge
ZiGGY is summoned to an EV via mobile app and will arrive at the vehicle’s parking space, ready to reserve the spot for plug-in charging. Credit: Ev Safe Charge

There are a few indications that the world of robots and AI are slowly taking over the world, and WiFi is just the beginning. Electricity was the first phenomenon to transform cars. Beating the predictions, electric vehicles are slowly emerging as a must-have in all market segments.

However, many industry observers believe we have already passed the tipping point where sales of electric vehicles will very rapidly overwhelm petrol and diesel cars. This is all because of our extensive research and developments within our battery technology.

Electric cars don’t have air intakes, pistons, cylinders or even an exhaust system. In short, they have no combustion-engine-style mechanical parts or gears; therefore, by definition, no by-product of their operation would generate a revving noise.

On the flip side, electric cars are celebrated by many because of the lack of noise that emerges from them as they power up and depart. So we could be waving goodbye to the natural roaring vroom-vroom sound we love to hear. 

However, on the other side of the pond, many believe there is still much work to be done before electric vehicles drive their petrol and diesel rivals off the road. Especially when charging your car quickly whether or not you have a driveway home. 

With an EV industry in continuous expansion, we have to deal with a shortage of readily available fixed-charging capacity, which means someone had to come up with new ways to meet the increasing EV charging demand. But EV Safe Charge is changing this fear into production in the making.

EV safe charge
Ziggy will drive to an empty parking space before the EV owner’s arrival and reserve the spot until the EV arrives. Credit: EV Safe Charge.

If you already own an electric car, you probably know the headache of finding a charging station while you’re out and about.

The mobile robot has four wheels and all-wheel steering to ensure it can get up and down ramps, manoeuvre over speed bumps, and turn tight corners. ZiGGY is also equipped with large screens on two sides, which offer advertising opportunities and EV charging services.

These little things could be rolling around several areas in the next few years, and specific sites in San Francisco are already on board.

Photo from: Auto Features

The ZiGGY robot won’t hit the streets until sometime in 2023, but you’ll watch these boxed minions zooming around like a cordless vacuum cleaner once it does. You must download the dedicated app, book your charge, and follow the navigator to get there.  

EV Safe Charge is bringing us a solution to electric cars – a future that will allow cars to be built according to a new model and be electric, autonomous and connected. Not to mention all its benefits to society: less pollution, more safety, and more free time and services.

Who knows? Maybe Siri or Alexa will join ZiGGY one day to form a talking roaming advertising charger, a rolling Google or just someone to keep your pride and joy comfy when you close the door. 

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