Elias Schwärzler | Why This Adrenaline Athlete Aims to Fly High
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Elias Schwärzler | Why This Adrenaline Athlete Aims to Fly High

November 27, 2021 Share

“Don’t Die Wondering is about living life to the fullest and sending it as hard as you can. Jump out of an aeroplane with a bike, go crazy!…just don’t die.”

Imagine flipping a land buggy, jumping out of an aeroplane whilst riding a mountain bike or speeding down the road at 221km/h – well this extreme way of living is just a typical standard day for Elias Schwärzler.

Born in Austria, the 26-year-old Youtuber and professional sports athlete alike travels all over the world to create his very own playground that’s not for the faint-hearted.

And he is not alone. 

With videos jammed full of action-packed, fast-paced exciting motion, it’s no surprise that his immense social media fanbase is addicted. 

This bubbly hyperenergetic figure has over 300 000 subscribers backing the rising star, having only started his creative filming journey in 2014. 

Elias Schwärzler
Photo by Bobby Misner

And if you think the amount of subscribers is impressive, wait until you see his extreme mountain bike Youtube production he released back in 2017. 

After posting a short four-minute romantic bike chase, called My Dream Girl, the video soon skyrocketed to reach a whopping 30 million views to date.

This creative piece may have helped elevate his Youtube career but hidden beneath the rebellious smirk of the creator and all his high-adrenaline stunts is a message dying to be told.

Live life to the fullest.

Elias Schwärzler aims to inspire all those who love the great outdoors as much as he does. His goal is to encourage people to have a ride of their lives and just go all-in with guns blazing.

Elias Schwärzler
Photo by Bobby Misner

“The most rewarding thing is when a small kid comes up to me and says that they are riding bikes because of me. That’s like the craziest and coolest thing ever.” – Elias Schwärzler

Even though the star may be taking huge risks, he claims that nowadays being a content creator within such a radically changing world is often challenging when you want to stand out. 

But just like a double-edged sword, the internet is also a safe space where he can gain even more inspiration to start planning for his next crazy stunt ideas.

Watch DDW’s exclusive interview with Schwärzler below to find out what exactly makes him tick.

ELIAS INTERVIEW h264 from DDW on Vimeo.

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