Ed Sheeran | “Success Is The Best Revenge For Everything”
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Ed Sheeran | “Success Is The Best Revenge For Everything”

October 26, 2021 Share

It took countless EPs, for Ed Sheeran to get to where he is now. It goes without saying that Ed is one of the hardest working musicians out there with his extensive tours and all those years spent playing small gigs to chase his music dream.

Sheeran didn’t have it easy. Dealing with his fair share of struggles from bullying to inner battles, insecurity and shame, to becoming an award-winning singer, Ed Sheeran’s story shows how the artist learned to embrace his uniqueness and overcame his challenges in order to bring us one of the most beautiful voices of our time.

Ed Sheeran

He embraced his struggles and used that energy to transform his life into what it is today.

“When the world’s against me is when I really come alive.”

– Ed Sheeran

Today, it might be hard to believe that after selling more than “150 million albums around the world”, Ed Sheeran would be nervous about releasing new material. However, after a huge transformation, he feels like a “new artist again” after releasing his single “Bad Habits” this year. 

More than four years after the release of his blockbuster album ‘-, Ed Sheeran has announced that his long-awaited fourth full-length album, called ‘=,’ will be out on 29 October 2021.

According to Variety, “the fourth instalment in Sheeran’s “symbol album” series, ‘=’ is a body of songs that were made over a four-year period following his ‘÷’ (Divide) album era.”

Not only can fans expect a new album but a grand 2022 tour. The sponsor text will read “+ – = ÷ X TOUR”.

Ed Sheeran

But after testing positive for Covid-19 recently, Ed Sheeran is stopping touring for a while to recover.

“It means that I’m now unable to plough ahead with any in-person commitments for now, so I’ll be doing as many of my planned interviews/performances as I can from my house. Apologies to anyone I’ve let down. Be safe, everyone,” he wrote.

For now, fans will have to wait to see the calculator tour in person but enjoy the online entertainment that will most likely break records along with Adele’s new album ‘30’ once more.

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