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Coldplay | ‘Music Of The Spheres’ Is Officially Here And The Reveal Is Out Of This World!

Coldplay has officially announced their ninth studio album, ‘Music of the Spheres’. The 12-track phenomenon, produced by pop hitmaker Max Martin, landed on 15 October 2021.

Coldplay’s last album, 2019’s ‘Everyday Life’, was their only one in the last 20 years not to go multi-platinum.

Fear that their place at the top might be slipping after 20 years has evidently rattled the band. In contrast to their previous albums, ‘Music of the Spheres’ arrived with an all-guns-blazing promotional campaign – its eco-space race.

Everything about the album will be based on being environmental friendly-from the song’s meaning’s to their 2022 tour bus.

Music of the spheres

The album is set in a fictional planetary system called ‘The Spheres’, which consists of nine planets, three natural satellites, one star and a nearby nebula. 

Each track on the album represents a celestial body from ‘The Spheres’.

Along with this, on 14 October 2021, a day before the release of Music of the Spheres, Coldplay officially announced their Music of the Spheres World Tour in 2022 to promote the album.

The band had not toured for their previous album, ‘Everyday Life’, as they had decided to pause touring until they could work out how to ensure that it would be environmentally friendly

Music of the spheres

Coldplay has often invoked the cosmos—the stars, the moon, the planets in general—as they’ve reached for universal feelings while leapfrogging from theatres to arenas to stadiums all around Earth.

These two trends—cosmo and a shift away from emotional nuance—hit a strange zenith with their ninth studio album, ‘Music of the Spheres’. 

There’s a loose sci-fi concept involving a distant solar system, and Martin has said he found inspiration from the original ‘Star Wars’ series. 

It was also heavily inspired by the billionaire space race, where just a few days ago ‘Star Trek’ actor, William Shatner is known for his role as Captain Kirk, blasted into space under Amazon’s CEO – Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin project.

The commercial strategy is already working. Spheres’ new single, “My Universe,” featuring K-pop kings BTS, who might be the only humans better at scaling the charts than Max right now, debuted at the very top of the Hot 100, scoring Coldplay their second-ever American No. 1.

However, the band wanted to release the album in an event marked out of this world. They decided to go all out by creating a new 360 Dolby Venue In New York in order to create an immersive experience for their fans listening to ‘Music Of The Spheres’.

Coldplay and Amazon Music have teamed up for the ultimate debut two-day event in the heart of New York City. The audience will hear ‘Music of the Spheres’ in a whole new light inside “The Atmospheres” –  an intergalactic audio-visual experience at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal.

The audience will be inside the custom-built installation which features ‘The Spheres’, the distant solar system where each of the twelve tracks is twinned with a different planet- almost like stepping inside a virtual reality.

“The Atmospheres” will find a worldwide audience, coming to New York as well as London, Tokyo, and Berlin. These big cities will bring fans to redesigned exhibits of the alien worlds Coldplay has created. 

Music of the spheres

In an interview with EW, the lead singer of the band, Chris Martin said:

“The idea was to start imagining ourselves as other bands from across the universe. We were trying to zoom out a little bit and use the universe and the cosmos as a metaphor for the difficulties and wonderfulness of life on Earth.” 

“The Atmospheres” has also created interactive features for their fans where they can create their own alien language messages and snap selfies in an augmented reality photobooth. 

The jaw-dropping environment will be soundtracked with the highlight album ‘People of the Pride’, mixed in Dolby Atmos to better exhibit the exclusive 360 visuals.

“There’s potentially an infinite amount of variations of life and we thought, what would it be like if our music happened to evolve on a different planet?” – Chris Martin