Dinner Party Ideas to Inspire Your Summer Gatherings
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Dinner Party Ideas to Inspire Your Summer Gatherings

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Rediscover the magic of themed dinner parties with our guide to adding creativity and color to your dining experiences, from floral arrangements to mismatched tableware, and seasonal celebrations.

Remember the fanciful, themed dinner parties of your childhood? Those evenings when your parents would whimsically transform the dining area into something out of a fairy tale, with everything from the napkins to the forks playing along in costume? Those vibrant gatherings seemed to fade into the background as adulthood and its endless to-do lists took over.

And yet, dinner parties are back in full force – or at least so seems to indicate social media. With tablescape tutorials capturing the perfect dining “aesthetic” becoming a bona fide phenomenon, it’s clear there’s a widespread craving for a dash of creativity in our dining routines.

Buckle up; it’s going to be a wildly tasteful ride.


Floral Themes

Image courtesy of Natalie Zacek

Nothing is easier, more colourful and easier to use than flowers. Add them to statement vases, hang them as bunting or simply use them as a motif throughout the dinner to bring a touch of colour and fun.


Image courtesy of summerillandbishop.com

Is inspiration not striking? Go for a colour instead! If you opt for green you can add plants, and make your meals fit the colour scheme with dishes such as olives, or crispy kale.

The Mismatch

Image courtesy of Acne.SE

Having a very curated set of plates, cutlery, chairs or even table cloths is no longer a necessity when it comes to throwing a dinner party. In fact, the more colourful, weird and out there your tableware is, the more purposeful it looks.

Draw on Your Table Cloth

Image courtesy of Edenstrader

Albeit not strictly a theme, everyone seems to love the latest trend of providing paper tablecloths. This is where guests are encouraged to write and draw, leaving behind a nice memento of the evening. Alternatively, use the cloth to jot down the menu or seating plan.

Seasonal Themed

Image courtesy of Tie The Knot Santorini

Having dinner parties to celebrate the turn of the seasons is an idea many are on board with. For a summer party, think fresh produce and vibrant colours. Spring calls for flowers. Autumn is dark and candle lit. And winter is cold, with dishes being more heartwarming and carry. We don’t make the rules.

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