Enchantments of the Cotswolds: THE PIG’s Magical Venture into Barnsley House
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Enchantments of the Cotswolds: THE PIG’s Magical Venture into Barnsley House

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Explore THE PIG’s enchanting venture into Barnsley House, blending rustic charm with Cotswolds elegance in a tale of heritage and hospitality.

In a corner of England where time seems to move at the leisurely pace of the clouds drifting over the lush, rolling hills, the Cotswolds stand as a testament to the enduring charm of the English countryside. This region, renowned for its picturesque villages and pastoral landscapes, has just become the setting for a new narrative in boutique hospitality, penned by THE PIG hotel group with their acquisition of Barnsley House.

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Discovering Barnsley House

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of exploring the Cotswolds, envision a region that epitomizes the pastoral beauty of England. It’s here that The House, a 17th-century house nestled within gardens designed by the famed Rosemary Verey, finds its home. This addition to THE PIG’s portfolio is not merely about expanding their collection of hotels; it’s a celebration of shared values—authenticity, a connection to the land, and sustainable living.

The Significance of Barnsley House

Robin Hutson, Chairman of THE PIG, sees Barnsley House as a long-desired gem that naturally aligns with the group’s ethos. The property’s existing kitchen garden and the potential to introduce THE PIG’s first village pub were opportunities that resonated deeply with their vision for sustainable, local hospitality. This acquisition isn’t just about adding another hotel; it’s about enriching THE PIG’s family with a property that embodies their core principles.

A Vision for the Future

Barnsley House promises an exciting future as part of THE PIG family. With plans to commence refurbishment in early 2024, the focus will be on enhancing the unique character of Barnsley House while introducing new elements like a village pub and an expanded spa. This transformation aims to blend luxury with the homely warmth of a countryside retreat, creating a haven for guests seeking an authentic connection to nature and heritage.

Why Barnsley House Matters

The allure of Barnsley House extends beyond its physical beauty and into the ethos of THE PIG’s approach to hospitality. This venture is a reflection of a growing desire among travelers for experiences that offer a genuine sense of place, connection, and sustainability. In other words, vibes. The house is set to become a destination where guests can immerse themselves in the Cotswolds’ natural beauty, enjoy meals prepared with ingredients sourced from the land, and find a peaceful retreat from the pace of modern life.

Exploring the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a region that captivates with its natural beauty and rich history. It’s a place where one can experience the grandeur of English country living, whether through attending lavish events that echo the extravagance of “The Great Gatsby” or finding tranquility in the meticulously maintained gardens. The Cotswolds offers a diverse tapestry of experiences, making it an ideal setting for Barnsley House under THE PIG’s stewardship.


With the acquisition of Barnsley House, THE PIG hotel group is not just expanding its collection of properties. It is committing to a vision that celebrates the beauty of the Cotswolds and the values of sustainable, authentic hospitality. The House is poised to become more than a hotel; it will be a sanctuary for those seeking to reconnect with nature, savor the present moment, and experience the timeless appeal of the English countryside. This venture underscores the idea that true luxury lies in simplicity, sustainability, and the warmth of genuine hospitality.

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