Famed NY Restauranteur Danny Meyer Announces Exciting New Opening
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Famed NY Restauranteur Danny Meyer Announces Exciting New Opening

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Get ready to reserve a table for a very exciting opening night…

Celebrated New York restauranteur Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group has announced that the he’s set to open a new restaurant this September!

Ci Siamo, a name which is roughly translated as ‘we’re good to go’, is the company’s first new opening for three years, the last being Manhatta on Liberty Street. Ci Siamo will be located fairly close to its predecessor, situated inside Manhattan West, an exclusive multi-million dollar development at Manhattan West Plaza.

Danny Meyer

So, what can we expect from the menu?

Ci Siamo has been described as an ‘Italian-leaning’ bar and restaurant. There’s no official menu available to browse just yet, but we have heard that ‘there will be no pizzas’ – luckily, in New York City, you’re never too far from a pizza joint!

However, pasta fans will be pleased to hear that the menu is expected to feature a range of delicious pasta dishes. There will also reportedly be a wide range of seafood and meat dishes on offer.

Hillary Sterling has been confirmed as head chef, having spent several years delighting diners at Vic’s, where her Italian-inspired dishes have already earned a great reputation!

Danny Meyer

There have also been a few details released regarding how we can expect Ci Siamo to look. The New York Times reported that the eatery will have the space to accommodate 120 diners at any one time, both inside the restaurant and outside, on the planned terrace area. There will also likely be a laidback bar and lounge area within the restaurant, where those who aren’t so hungry or are waiting for their table to become free can chill out and enjoy a few drinks – including ‘aperitivo snacks’ created by Sterling and, we expect, a range of vibrant cocktails.

Given the success of Union Square Hospitality Group’s current restaurant line-up, we can expect Ci Siamo to become yet another favourite spot amongst New Yorkers. After all, this is the company behind Vesey Street’s Blue Smoke, Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack, Marta and Daily Provisions, to name a few.

We’ll certainly be booking our table ASAP!

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