Chateau Denmark | Soho’s Best Kept Secret
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Chateau Denmark | Soho’s Best Kept Secret

June 4, 2022 Share

London’s next secret society? Only one way to find out.

It’s 5pm on a Thursday, yet inside Chateau Denmark it may as well be midnight. Or 3am. Or midday. Time suspends. 

As I walk into the pitch black gothic room guided by my butler, I’m seriously worried as to how I’m supposed to sleep at night. A quick glance around, and I clock it straight away. This isn’t your usual hotel experience, this is the future of nights out in Soho. 

Credit | Chateau Denmark

If you’re a Londoner – or even a visitor as a matter of fact – you’ve heard of Denmark Street. Its music history precedes the street’s infamous party scene. However, in 2022, it’s all very quiet. What used to be the home of The Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones’ first recording studio AND the street where David Bowie parked and lived in his converted ambulance has now gone quiet, home to only a Flat Iron and a few leftover record shops for tourists. 

But it’s all about to change. About a month ago – and in conception since 2018 – Chateau Denmark opened. Boasting 38 apartments, it almost feels like Chateau is taking over the whole of Denmark street. Well, not the whole of it, but a major part. Most of the townhouses on the street have now been transformed into London’s most experiential hotel. Move over The Box, there’s a new boss in town. 

My butler rings my doorbell and shows up with a cocktail. I’m sat at the top floor of number 9 – a couple of doors down to where The Sex Pistols used to live. Not too shabby. My room’s called ‘We in ecstasy.’ All rooms have cheeky names and innuendos, all open to interpretation. There isn’t a single corner of this place that’s not well thought out. 

Credit | Chateau Denmark

I’m lucky enough to be in one of the open-plan lofts, featuring subwoofers planted firmly into the vibrating couch and pins stuck to the low rooftop of the townhouse. The floor is also carpeted in skin-like leather. I get the hint. What happens at Chateau Denmark stays at Chateau Denmark. As it should. If you ever wanted free rein to effectively do anything that crosses your mind, this is the place to do it. 

Without going into too much detail, Chateau Denmark isn’t a hotel. It’s an experience. It’s a memory. But one that you’ll forget in the morning. From conception to delivery, every corner of Chateau tells a story that you have to pay attention to. I’ve had my fair share of nights out on the streets of Soho, but I’ve yet to see a concept that glorifies hedonism to this extent. 

Credit | Chateau Denmark

So just skip the the sex shows at The Box, the long pointless queues, the overly expensive tables and grab yourself a suite at Chateau Denmark instead. You won’t regret it. But you’ll probably forget it. 

Session Room rates start from £510 / Apartments rates start from £660.

Long stay rates are available on request.

More information and bookings available now on:

Instagram/ Facebook: @chateaudenmark

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