Charlotte Tilbury’s Platinum Jubilee Collection to Celebrate the Queen
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Charlotte Tilbury’s Platinum Jubilee Collection to Celebrate the Queen

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Charlotte Tilbury created The Platinum Jubilee Collection to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s magical, monumental 70-year reign. As her brand happens to be one of Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty brands, Charlotte Tilbury makes the perfect fit to be the beauty partner for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

It’s no surprise that this royal Platinum Jubilee collection, which is a timeless limited edition, is created by Charlotte Tilbury who is widely known for creating graceful looks. From glittering eye palettes to perfect finishing powders and suits-all nude lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury’s products have gained millions of fans who have embraced the brand in their daily beauty routines for extra glamour.

Charlotte Tilbury is indeed the best choice to launch the Platinum Jubilee collection, including some of her most iconic products to celebrate The Queen’s incredible seventy years as a global icon.

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“In this historic year, I want to celebrate the timeless beauty, grace and dedication of Her Majesty, The Queen. I truly believe that everyone, at every age, deserves to feel and look like the most beautiful, confident, version of themselves.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has always been the most incredible inspiration to me – and the world! I am so honoured and excited to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70-year Platinum Jubilee with my iconic, globally-adored beauty secrets, including magic cream for the magic queen, and 3 of my most empowering, jewel-inspired lipsticks!” she mentioned.

What’s in the Charlotte Tilbury Platinum Jubilee collection? 

In this award-winning beauty brand’s collection, you can find Charlotte’s most quintessential, globally-desired beauty secrets, including the crowning glory of Charlotte’s science + magic skin routine, award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser, and a lipstick library.

The collection’s highlight is the limited edition velvet make-up bag in its night crimson-red colour that reflects elegance and beauty. There’s also a Magic Queen beauty kit, which includes the new make-up bag as well as the brand’s famed Magic Cream moisturiser. Also, the Platinum Jubilee collection edit comprises a Legendary Lipstick Library, which includes three jewel-inspired colours.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Platinum Jubilee Collection
Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick’s named after the Queen 

Charlotte Tilbury has previously honoured the Queen with her beauty line. She launched The Queen lipstick at the start of her career, which is now a best-seller and part of the line. The rose, crown-jewel and cerise-pink lipstick lift and brighten the skin quickly.

She said: “Be the beauty queen of the lip with these three dazzlingly darling lipsticks, perfect for every royal outing in your diary. I believe that through the power of makeup, every woman can have the confidence to become the queen of their destiny, and the queen of the world’s hearts… because lipstick is instant happiness and confidence in a tube!” 

She has also created a lip colour called The Duchess, named after the Duchess of Cambridge.

Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Tilbury’s connection to the royal family extends much beyond her present Platinum Jubilee collection. Queen Elizabeth personally made the British beauty entrepreneur a Member of the Most Excellent Order in 2018

“I feel so incredibly honoured and proud to have received my MBE today,” the beauty founder wrote on Instagram at the time. “I want to thank my wonderful family, my friends, my dream team, and my inspirational industry peers who have supported me along the way! I always say it takes a team to build a dream, and this is a dream come true for me,” Charlotte expressed.

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“So, I am incredibly proud to pay tribute to Her Majesty by creating an exclusive Charlotte Tilbury Platinum Jubilee Collection, which celebrates the Queen’s incredible seventy years as a global icon,” she concluded.

A Sneak Peek at the Platinum Jubilee Collection

Charlotte Tilbury platinum jubilee makeup bag 

The majestic crimson-red colour makes this make-up bag a must-have! From your bronzer to your foundation or lipstick, keep all of your cosmetic essentials safe, secure, and fashionable. The quilted design is finished with a crown zip charm for a final royal touch.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Platinum Jubilee Collection
Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Charlotte Tilbury magic cream 

Are you looking for a cream that can do wonders? The brand’s best-selling magic cream is included in this limited-edition bundle. Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream is a hero skincare product that is driven by a blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E to plump, nourish, and smooth the skin.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Platinum Jubilee Collection
Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick library

One word describes this set: EMPOWERING. It includes a trio of jewel-inspired lipstick hues and was hand-picked by Charlotte Tilbury herself. We have nothing but appreciation for the matte revolution formula. The three jewel-inspired lipstick hues include a rosy-pink matte revolution in the Queen, a pink-coral matte revolution in Gracefully Pink, and a nude rosy-peach in Runway Royalty

CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Platinum Jubilee Collection
Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Charlotte Tilbury platinum jubilee limited-edition make-up kit 

This is a kit that can get your back covered wherever you go! This bundle includes the crimson purse, the brand’s best-selling magic cream moisturiser, and jewel-inspired lipstick. The moisturiser from the British cosmetic brand immediately soared to cult status after its release in 2018, thanks to its award-winning recipe that features beaming, plumping, and moisturising effects. The three jewel-inspired lipstick hues are also included.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Platinum Jubilee Collection
Image courtesy of CHARLOTTE TILBURY

You can check the whole collection here.

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