Celebrating The Master Of Black And White: Photographer David Yarrow
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Celebrating The Master Of Black And White: Photographer David Yarrow

June 28, 2022 Share

Lions & tigers & bears, oh my! If you have never seen the work of David Yarrow, the British fine-art photographer, conservationist and author –  feast on this. A monochromatic explosion of ‘wow’. 

I always wondered how to take captivating pictures of dangerous wildlife? Celebrated fine-art photographer David Yarrow gets close to his subjects, whether they’re bears in Alaska or hippos in the Zambezi. But what makes him stand out from the pack is that his work is not for any old travel scrapbook for the kids– it’s art. 

David Yarrow
3.10 to Yuma. 2020. Archival Pigment Photograph. Photo by David Yarrow.

According to CBS News, “in the last five years, the photography of David Yarrow has exploded on the world stage”. Yarrow, who started photographing sports events as a rookie 20-year-old, is now one of the best-selling fine art photographers in the world. Travelling across the globe, he times his shoots to capture his subjects at crucial moments.  

David Yarrow
David Yarrow – African Tails. Pinterest.
Members Only. ©David Yarrow
David Yarrow
Face Off. ©David Yarrow.
David Yarrow
Coyote Ugly. 2019. Archival Pigment. Photograph 56 x 61 in. Photo by David Yarrow.

His photographs move from world-famous wildlife shots far from civilisation to staged pictures of notable celebrities and models. In this way, different worlds meet and enter into a relationship hand in hand. But the powerful images he captures of animals in the wild, charging across barren landscapes, are just as captivating as the celebrities he stages like Cara Delevigne and Cindy Crawford.

The art portrays unique, unusual perspectives and luring contrasted lines. By creating a scene that values depth of field, Yarrow pulls his audience in, takes them on a journey and shows us our world through an emotional cinematic lens on a planet we call home.

Road Trip. ©David Yarrow Credit: David Yarrow.

Yarrow, an official Nikon ambassador, raised over $11 million for philanthropic and conservation organisations and a combination of his use of black and white as well as his stark composition—and sales of it are projected to generate about $3 million each. 

David Yarrow’s photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions, including Changing Lanes, Maddox Gallery, Gstaad and In Focus: An Immersive Digital Exhibition.

“I don’t take pictures. I make them” – David Yarrow.

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