Build a Capsule Closet with Form & Thread
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Build a Capsule Closet with Form & Thread

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Form & Thread help you build a wardrobe of minimalistic, conscious and quality clothing to build a capsule closet of dreams.

Fashion is made up of a seasonal calendar, one which updates trends, materials, cuts and fabrics up to four (or more) times a year. Whilst this may have been accepted practice up to date, brands such as Form & Thread are latching onto the idea that this is an unsustainable way of dressing, opting instead for more classical capsule closet collections and clothing which is ethical in its making and consumption.

But what, if anything, makes up a good capsule closet collection for men?

A Multi-Purpose Short-Sleeved Shirt

Image courtesy of Form & Thread
Image courtesy of Form & Thread

Shirts are great. They are ideal to perk up any outfit, adding a touch of elegance for a fit that feels slightly more formal but can retain comfort in the summer months.

A good capsule collection contains a variety of them; a short-sleeved set in muted colours such as this Poplin Chore Shirt in soft black or a Short Sleeve Kyoto Shirt in avocado for a look which is slightly bolder but will still age well.

Some Warm Knitwear

Even if it is hard to picture the cold in the summer, it’s important to buy considering temperatures can, and will drop in the winter months. Chunky wool knitwear comes in as a staple, which works well in pops of colour if kept to minimal accessorising, or in blacks or blue. Sourced from a small family distributor in Scotland, Form & Thread offers sustainable and quality pieces which are sown on circular knitting machines, meaning these garments are made as one-piece without side seams and washed in Scottish waters for a soft touch.

Image courtesy of Form & Thread
Image courtesy of Form & Thread

A Bunch of Cool Overshirts

Overshirts have a lot of potentials. They elevate outfits which are boring but can equally bring down an outfit if not chosen properly. At DDW we like to recommend going for an overshirt which is minimalistic; that way you avoid buying into trends and are buying for quality and purpose. But not buying into trends doesn’t have to mean boring. For example, this Mechanic Overshirt comes in Fjord blue and Dijon; two popping colours which are fun and bold.

Image courtesy of Form & Thread
Image courtesy of Form & Thread

Quality Socks

People often forget about socks, but they are the one piece of clothing which if forgotten or ignored can truly throw off an otherwise well-curated fit. Socks such as the textures knit packs from Form & Thread happen to be very handy. Comfy and stylish, these feet-warmers are worthwhile investments to make you look much more put together than if you wear that pair of socks you found at the bottom of your washing machine.

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